Thursday, November 19, 2009

I've Come to Suck Your Blood

I will admit that I really loved the first Twilight book. Nate borrowed the next three books from one of his coworkers and I read the second one. I didn't think that one was as good and I was starting to not really like Bella, the main character. My cousin-in-law, CP, told me to not even bother with the other two, but I started on the third one. At that point, CP and I decided to go see the movie. My brother-in-law, DS, just happened to be at the movie with his friend so the four of us sat together. AND LAUGHED THROUGH THE WHOLE THING. At that point I felt like I was way too old to read the rest of the books and I just read the Wikipedia summaries as CP instructed me to do.

Since then, other friends have read the books - some of them agree with me and others thought the third and fourth books made up for the second one and loved all of them. I think everyone agreed that the movie was a bit of a disappointment.

CP, DS & I then spent the summer quoting twilight and laughing about it whenver we saw each other. Now we are planning to go see the New Moon movie next week. Nate never saw the movie nor read the books so he never really understood what we were laughing about until last night. We rented Twilight so he could catch up before seeing New Moon next week.

We were again cracking up through the movie and talking like vampires. Muah-ah-ah-ah-ah.

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Ali said...

So you don't consider yourself a "Twidol?" :) I don't get any of it...but I also boycotted the Harry Potter craze as well as the Lord of my you know what craze. I am not sure I can even find that much sex appeal from RoPat. Is this a sign I am getting old? Although, I also gravitate toward stars like Z. Braff and J. Fiennes.

Regardless, I am interested to hear your take. Not that I have the opportunity any more to see movies, but let us know how it is!