Thursday, November 12, 2009

Brooklyn Represent Y'All

Recap continues with Tuesday!

At the close of the last post, I alluded to a celebrity sighting that occurred on Day #4:

While The Empire Hotel was a great place, it was REALLY hot. They had an old heating system that once you turn on, it's on. We rectified this by sleeping with our window open.

At approximately 7 AM on Tuesday morning, we were woken up by some loud music. Nate went over to the window and said, "There's some sort of concert going on at Lincoln Center Plaza!". I jokingly said, "Maybe it's Carrie Underwood" because Nate had met her guitarist in the elevator the other day. "Well, it is some tiny blonde chick" was his response. Since neither of us really listen to her music, we didn't recognize the song. We decided to throw some clothes on and go check it out. Did not brush the hair, the teeth, or even look in a mirror.

Turns out, it WAS Carrie Underwood - she was performing three songs for the Good Morning America Fall Concert Series:

We stayed for the concert. On our way to get coffee, we saw a bunch of black Escalades parked on the other side of Lincoln Center so we decided to hang out there to see if we could meet her.

We first met Sam from GMA and then Robin:

Note that we were looking a little gross.

At that time, Nate & I were the only people hanging around. The middle schoolers quickly came and then the 45-50 year old cohort of the offical carrie underwood fan club joined in. Seriously - these women were decked out in the official t-shirts and had the official tote bag. I probably wouldn't be making fun of them right now except that they were so obnoxious. For example, they were planning what they were going to say when Carrie arrived and one of them actually suggested saying, "how y'all doing" in a deliberately fake southern accent. At that point, Nate & I knew we had to stay to see how this all played out.

Carrie came and signed everyone's autograph and took a picture with every single person! I thought that was really nice of her. Here is my mug shot:

AFter that hoopla was over, we went back and showered and got ready for our second day of touring. We were headed to Brooklyn Baby!! I loved Brooklyn and quickly proclaimed that if I were to live in NYC, it would be in Brooklyn. Our bus took the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn - here was one of the shots we took:

After we got back from the tour, we had lunch at Brassiere Les Halles, the restaurant our buddy Anthony Bourdain started way back when. It was scrumptious!

After that we walked the Brooklyn Bridge. How freakin' cool is it that you can do that?!

I bought a Brooklyn Bridge t-shirt from an artist selling them. He was a DIY Screen printer and I thought it only appropriate to support a local crafter.

After the Bridge, we headed to City Hall where I pretended to be on Law & Order:

We then headed to Chelsea to tour around. We ended up on Bleeker street - which I belive is the West Village and got another treat at the "real" Magnolia Bakery. We saw a line of people outside this unmarked store. So naturally we got in line, without really knowing why. It turns out it was a store that sold el-cheapo marc by marc jacobs stuff so we got a lot of strange things, namely fingerless gloves that quasi kept our hands warm for the remainder of the trip. We affectionately refer to them as our MJs. Nate has a plain black pair and mine are red & black striped. They will be coming out in future pics.

We had dinner at John's Pizza, which one of our tour guides said was his favorite NYC pizza. It WAS pretty darn good.

And THAT folks, wraps up day #4.

Title of this post is a lyric from Jay-Z's Brooklyn's Finest. I thought it was a great title that somehow fit a Y'all in there from the carrie underwood crazies. Please know that this song is not for all ears. :)


Old MD Girl said...

My favorite is the Law & Order picture.

It's amazing how much like a Barbie Doll Carrie Underwood looks.

My God guys, you did A LOT!

Missy said...

You crack me up with your celebrity pics. Sounds like y'all had a great time and really squeezed in a lot of stuff. I could totally see you living in NY by the way, and NOT Brooklyn (or Crooklyn, as I like to call it :))