Monday, November 30, 2009

And the holidays ensue...

The past four days have been crazy fun.

We had our first Thanksgiving dinner with my in-laws on Thanksgiving. I made Martha's cranberry sauce from the November 2009 issue of Living and a citrus fruit dish from Better Homes & Gardens. I recommend making the cranberry sauce (it's also delicious with brie) and pass on the citrus. As is custom, we went through all of the black friday ads after dinner. We also learned how to play hand and foot, which is a version of canasta. I love card games!

And now a confession.

I indignantly proclaimed that we would NEVER...I repeat NEVER...have a television in our bedroom. Nate didn't see what the big deal was but I said that we didn't need a television in our bedroom and that we would become lazy buffoons if we had one.

Ladies and Gentleman, I am ready to eat my words and become a lazy buffoon.

It started with me saying, "well, it might be sort of nice to have a tv in our room so that I could watch shows and not fall asleep on the couch". This happens a lot because i love laying down while watching tv and then I start dozing off. Finally, I said, "I think we should get a tv for the room". I think it was a joyous occassion in my husband's life.

As our Christmas present to each other, we bought a small television for our bedroom on a Best Buy Black Friday deal. I didn't wake up early, I didn't stand in line, I just went over to the Best Buy and figured if they still had them, then I would get it, and if not, we weren't destined to have one. I guess we were destined to have one. The cable company is coming tomorrow to hook it up.

Two years and 2 months into marriage, I'm throwing away all the magic for a 19" flat screen with a remote. ha ha ha.


Old MD Girl said...

You are giving the sleep hygiene gods a heart attack.

BrookeK said...

too funny! We love ours so we can have some laughs to King of Queens or everybody loves Raymond before we go to bed!