Friday, November 13, 2009

"All the way to New York" wear a sequin dress from Goodwill

Day 5: Wednesday

We started the day taking a lingering walk through Central Park. I can't describe how amazing this park is. I was in love with it and always looking for an excuse to 'cut through the park'. We stopped by Strawberry Fields:

The fountain/bridge that is in so many movies and now I don't know what it's called:

Check out the pretty water lillies that were in the fountain:

Then of course I made Nate take a picture of me on one of the rocks. We were laughing that it was like my senior picture, ten years later.

You can see that we definitely got to enjoy some fall colors in the city!

After wandering through the park from the west to the east side, we had breakfast at TAL bagels, which was recommended to me from my NY friend, EA. Yum! After bagels, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Talk about overwhelming! You name it, it's at the Met. They also still had the roof open!

Beautiful views of the city & Central Park!

After the Met, we headed back through the Park past the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. One of the things that I loved about the Park is that there are so many random statues, bridges, nooks & crannies. This picture shows off my marc by marc jacobs gloves (that clearly do not match my outfit, but i was cold). Wrist Worms are all the rage. I think I may knit myself some.

We headed to TKTS to get tickets to another show, even though I wanted to avoid Times Square like the plague. We decided to get tickets to Mary Poppins. I used to love that movie as a kid and people, the show was even better. Mary Poppins actually flies over the crowd, up past the balcony! I felt like I was 8 years old.

Now is a good time to display my Broadway outfit. I had Nate take this picture for my cousin, LM, who was with me when I purchased this sequin dress at Goodwill. I found it and it fit perfectly and even still had tags on with extra sequins. The sequins are all hand sewn. I didn't know what I would ever wear it for, but loved it (and it's $6 price tag) so I bought it. Well you can get away with wearing anything in NYC so I took it along. I wore it out two nights - with a blazer and belt to tone it down a bit. It was a hit! And what better place to take a picture of yourself in a silver sequin dress but a faux tiger skin chair:

I felt even cooler when the entire first floor of TopShop was covered in sequins :)

And that was Day 5 of pretending to live in NYC :)

Title of this post comes from the first line of the song China by Tori Amos. Woman plays a mean piano.


Ali said...

Honestly, that dress is clutch. And with the hair, it kind of reminds me of something Twiggy would wear. (And have I told you that there is something about Padma from Top Chef that reminds me of you? not personality, but her body...well, minus the huge scar on her arm). Love the updates!

chacha said...

Dude, you met Carrie Underwood? I am so jealous. Country is not my #1 genre, but of the cross-over country I listen to, she is on the list. She rocks.

CRICKET said...

Love your dress! I just bought an Ann Taylor red coat at my Goodwill for $3.50.