Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary Pa & Nana!!

Over the weekend we also celebrated my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. We started out the celebration with a Mass in which they received a special blessing. After Mass we had dinner and cocktails at a nearby supper club. My aunts & mom arranged to have the centerpieces with yellow roses, which were their wedding flowers. They still had their cake topper so a mini cake was made with that too! My sister and I enjoyed looking through their wedding album and we wished that hats and gloves were still the style.

Then it was picture time -
Here are my siblings with Nana & Pa and our Great Grandpa T.

My necklace was from Forever 21. However, I jazzed it up a bit with an old clip on earring that was in the box of jewelry my sister & I purchased from my great grandpa's auction back in September. I'm not sure if the earring belonged to my great grandmother or another family member but it is very sparkly and I like it. I had thought about changing the back so that it would be a brooch but the clip on earring back works well to clip onto necklaces and headbands, which I have also done.

Here is a family picture - My niece was very excited to wear loads of pink tulle

All in all the celebration was very nice. I hope that I am lucky to make it 50 years as well!

And the holidays ensue...

The past four days have been crazy fun.

We had our first Thanksgiving dinner with my in-laws on Thanksgiving. I made Martha's cranberry sauce from the November 2009 issue of Living and a citrus fruit dish from Better Homes & Gardens. I recommend making the cranberry sauce (it's also delicious with brie) and pass on the citrus. As is custom, we went through all of the black friday ads after dinner. We also learned how to play hand and foot, which is a version of canasta. I love card games!

And now a confession.

I indignantly proclaimed that we would NEVER...I repeat NEVER...have a television in our bedroom. Nate didn't see what the big deal was but I said that we didn't need a television in our bedroom and that we would become lazy buffoons if we had one.

Ladies and Gentleman, I am ready to eat my words and become a lazy buffoon.

It started with me saying, "well, it might be sort of nice to have a tv in our room so that I could watch shows and not fall asleep on the couch". This happens a lot because i love laying down while watching tv and then I start dozing off. Finally, I said, "I think we should get a tv for the room". I think it was a joyous occassion in my husband's life.

As our Christmas present to each other, we bought a small television for our bedroom on a Best Buy Black Friday deal. I didn't wake up early, I didn't stand in line, I just went over to the Best Buy and figured if they still had them, then I would get it, and if not, we weren't destined to have one. I guess we were destined to have one. The cable company is coming tomorrow to hook it up.

Two years and 2 months into marriage, I'm throwing away all the magic for a 19" flat screen with a remote. ha ha ha.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Enchiladas Suiza

We made the Cempazuchi's Enchiladas Suiza for dinner last night. The recipe was featured in the MKE Journal a few weeks back. They are very yummy and good leftover the next day too (as I am eating my lunch right now).

Click here for the recipe.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What can I say, I happen to be an aficionado of the dive bar.”

That's right - yet another blog post dedicated to Anthony Bourdain. I can't help it - I love the guy!

Last night was a lazy sort of night. We got in two episodes of No Reservations - one where he was touring around Chile and one where he has Zamir (from the Romania episode!) come to the USA and go with him to Baltimore, Detroit and Buffalo. We knew we were in for a good episode when Zamir came on the screen! While in Baltimore, Bourdain met up with not one but two stars from The Wire, which he called, "the greatest show on television". Given that we just finished season 1 a couple of weeks ago and season 2 is almost here via the library, we loved that comment.

While in Buffalo, which we thought was very similar to MKE, we started strategizing how we could get Bourdain to come to Wisconsin. He could even stay in our guestroom, ha ha ha.

During commercial breaks, I finished Kitchen Confidential! I really enjoyed it. I felt like I was reading an episode of No Reservations - his personality is all over the book. Part of the book also took place in Les Halles, which of course we visited in NYC so that was fun to read and think back to my meal there (even though Bourdain isn't there anymore).

Monday, November 23, 2009

Now that was a lovely weekend

The weekend went by in a flash, although we didn't really do all that much, which was SO wonderful. I caught up on reading all of my magazines that were delivered post-vacation, we cooked, we cleaned. We had a surprise birthday party for a friend (she was surprised - yay!).

Yesterday was an amazingly nice late November day. I ran outside in shorts & a tshirt! I had just turned onto the bike path while running and heard this loud rustling behind me. I turned around and a deer was running straight at me while his 2 friends ran to the right of me! They paused and then kept running. A bike rider coming the opposite direction rode past and commented, "Well, now that was lovely". And it was.

I also started on these alphabet letters. I have about 6 of the 26 done. My assessment thus far is that these are really putzy and maybe not that cool. We'll see what the kiddos think. I'm planning on having Toni test them out on Friday. Why i decided to make these and not start on my long DIY Christmas list, I have no idea. Thanks to Nate-O who took over cutting when my hand refused to cut anymore letters out.

We also made Mark Bittman's Cassoulet from a recent issue of Runner's World. It was really really good and easy. Click here for the recipe. We used a combo of Italian sausage and bone-in pork chops for the meat.

We kinda sorta watched the AMA's as well. I have a soft spot in my heart for these awards as my sister (whose name begins with an A), my brother (whose name begins with a M) and I (also an A) used to VIDEO our own AMA awards. They are so awkward and so funny. This year's AMAs were ok. I have to publicly confess my love of Lady Gaga.

Friday, November 20, 2009

It's not whatcha got, it's a-what you give

I have been very lucky to feel the generosity of people lately in a fun way. Example #1: Last weekend, my friend JC, used her $200 spa gift card that she won to treat the four of us to pedicures. I don't think i would have been that giving - i would have hoarded that thing for sure.

Example #2: Then last night I was lucky to get this fabric in the mail, which my friend AH won in a contest and decided to pass along to me:

It is from this fun etsy shop and is so incredibly soft!

Thank you ladies!

Thank you Tesla for the Title of this Post. ha ha ha. BLK that's for you.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My latest love: Bvlgari Soap

It is hardly a secret that I love free samples. I have posted before about them and I maintain a daily email "free sample of the day" list. Given this, I LOVE going to hotels for all of the mini products. We were lucky to have gotten a motherload of Korres products at our first hotel in NYC:

Nate asked for more lotion because, "my wife has dry skin" and they UNLOADED stuff on us! The scent of basil lemon body milk is a constant reminder of NYC.

Our second hotel had L'Occitane and Lather products. Both of which were very nice but those maids were not as forthcoming with dropping some extras off. :)

Our hotel in Philly did not have the greatest products. However, our friend BCK was staying at The Ritz and that dollface got us extras of her Bvlgari products. SCORE!

We just opened the bar of Bvlgari soap the other day and since then we have been raving about the it, particularly it's nice scent. Our whole bathroom smells wonderful because of that soap. I went online to check out how much it would be to purchase: $15.99 for a 1.5 oz bar! Looks like I will be savoring that soap until it's gone and then hitting up more people that stay at the Ritz!

I've Come to Suck Your Blood

I will admit that I really loved the first Twilight book. Nate borrowed the next three books from one of his coworkers and I read the second one. I didn't think that one was as good and I was starting to not really like Bella, the main character. My cousin-in-law, CP, told me to not even bother with the other two, but I started on the third one. At that point, CP and I decided to go see the movie. My brother-in-law, DS, just happened to be at the movie with his friend so the four of us sat together. AND LAUGHED THROUGH THE WHOLE THING. At that point I felt like I was way too old to read the rest of the books and I just read the Wikipedia summaries as CP instructed me to do.

Since then, other friends have read the books - some of them agree with me and others thought the third and fourth books made up for the second one and loved all of them. I think everyone agreed that the movie was a bit of a disappointment.

CP, DS & I then spent the summer quoting twilight and laughing about it whenver we saw each other. Now we are planning to go see the New Moon movie next week. Nate never saw the movie nor read the books so he never really understood what we were laughing about until last night. We rented Twilight so he could catch up before seeing New Moon next week.

We were again cracking up through the movie and talking like vampires. Muah-ah-ah-ah-ah.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Baby we were Born to Run

Now that the vacation recaps are over, I'll get back to "real life". A fun-filled weekend kept me from being too depressed that vacation was over. We headed to Madison - Nate hung out with his brother and went to the Badger game while I had celebrated SU's birthday with SU, LP & JC. We had dinner at Brasserie V followed by drinks at the Old Fashioned. The next morning we had a fantastic brunch at Sardine followed by pedicures. My toes are now smokin' in havana.

We watched The Proposal - pretty standard romantic comedy, but I enjoyed it. Or maybe I just enjoyed being a beached whale on the couch, ha ha ha.

We had brunch at Copper Dock to celebrate my grandmother-in-law's, cousin-in-law's and father-in-law's birthdays. We finished our yard work for the year and I ended my weekend with the best Bruce Springsteen concert that I have been to. Not a bad weekend at all.

That said, I am looking forward to a quiet week.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Philadelphia Freedom

Friday afternoon, we arrived via Amtrak to Philadelphia. We spent a majority of the weekend touring the sights - The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Betsy Ross House, University of Pennslyvania, The Art Museum, and The Rodin Museum. We had some excellent culinary adventures in Philly with a variety of people.

Friday afternoon we snacked at the Reading Terminal. That evening, we joined my boss and his wife at Seafood Unlimited which was very good. After that we headed to the Rum Bar. Saturday we met up with PS and JP for Brunch at Jones. Brunch turned into a few beers at Nodding Head Brewery, which turned into some more cocktails at The Plough and The Stars which turned into dinner at Continental. It was fun hanging out with them all day.

Sunday we met Old MD Girl and her husband for bunch at White Dog Cafe. It was also very delicious and fun. Sunday evening we met up with my colleague and friend, BCK, for dinner at the Black Sheep Pub, cocktails at Rum Bar and the Continetnal.

Monday it was time for work, attending a conference. Monday night we and a bunch of my collegues ate at Cuba Libre, which was also great. Tuesday I met up with AB and her daughter AB for some coffee. I had fun playing with Katie and Mary AB's dolls :) We had lunch at Morimoto that day, which Nate was really excited about since he is a fan of Iron Chef. The food was really yummy.

Tuesday night, BCK and her mom joined us and we headed to Pat's for Cheesesteaks and to Franklin Fountain for Ice Cream. Wednesday morning I gave my presentation and we were off to the airport, our luggage a little heavier than it was when we left MKE. I think we might have been a few pounds heavier too thanks to Philly :)

Let's Here it For New York, New York, New York

This will be my last post recapping NYC.

I skipped talking about Otto and Stage Deli on my Wednesday recap. We had lunch at Mario Batali's Otto on Wednesday and because we were SO FULL from that meal, we had a cheesecake and new pickles from Stage Deli for dinner after Mary Poppins. Highly reccomend both places!

Days 6 & 7: Thursday & Friday

Thursday was the day that Nate was canonized as a saint. He took me shopping for the ENTIRE DAY! Well not entirely, but pretty close. We started the day off with a ride on the (free) Staten Island Ferry.

We saw the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island from the ferry.

We did not stay on Staten Island though.

We came back and took the subway to SoHo. I was in heaven. There is AMAZING shopping in SoHo. I really wanted this cute pair of flats at the Emmett McCarthy EMC2 shop (former Project Runway contestant) but wouldn't you know it - they didn't have my size. :( I found another cute pair at Tory Burch. Again, none in my size. Oh well. We took a small break to eat at Katz's Deli, the deli that was featured in When Harry Met Sally (love that movie).

NYC Deli Pickles are AMAZING!

After Katz's we headed back to SoHO for more shopping. There was this great second hand store that I loved and spent over an hour in. I seriously could not believe what people decided to get rid of! Luckily, they were filming a Law & Order Criminal Intent right outside so Nate didn't get too bored!

We had another small meal at Balthazar. It was also fantastic.

Then it was back to 5th Avenue. I went into Bottega Veneta and the salesman was so amazing. He kept pulling out all of these secret drawers and showing me these amazing shoes. Then we went upstairs to preview the Spring Collection in case I wanted to order anything. Um, yeah right. If I were a zillionnaire I would have taken everything in that store!

We headed to Sushiagogo for dinner and on our way to one last trip to Magnolia Bakery (the Upper West Side one again) we walked through a filming for Wall Street 2. On our way back from the bakery, we went through the set again and they were using a rain machine. It was CRAZY.

Friday morning, I headed out for a run through Central Park. It was rather short though because I had some SORE legs from the amount of walking we did. Right when the ticker tape parade began for the Yankees, we were boarding a train to head towards Philadelphia.

Overall, NYC was amazing. I loved every minute of it and am probably suffering from some post-vacation depression. The title of this post is from the Jay-Z & Alicia Keys Empire State of Mind, which was all over the place the day we left. I guess they even performed it at the end of the parade. Awesome.

Friday, November 13, 2009

"All the way to New York" wear a sequin dress from Goodwill

Day 5: Wednesday

We started the day taking a lingering walk through Central Park. I can't describe how amazing this park is. I was in love with it and always looking for an excuse to 'cut through the park'. We stopped by Strawberry Fields:

The fountain/bridge that is in so many movies and now I don't know what it's called:

Check out the pretty water lillies that were in the fountain:

Then of course I made Nate take a picture of me on one of the rocks. We were laughing that it was like my senior picture, ten years later.

You can see that we definitely got to enjoy some fall colors in the city!

After wandering through the park from the west to the east side, we had breakfast at TAL bagels, which was recommended to me from my NY friend, EA. Yum! After bagels, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Talk about overwhelming! You name it, it's at the Met. They also still had the roof open!

Beautiful views of the city & Central Park!

After the Met, we headed back through the Park past the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. One of the things that I loved about the Park is that there are so many random statues, bridges, nooks & crannies. This picture shows off my marc by marc jacobs gloves (that clearly do not match my outfit, but i was cold). Wrist Worms are all the rage. I think I may knit myself some.

We headed to TKTS to get tickets to another show, even though I wanted to avoid Times Square like the plague. We decided to get tickets to Mary Poppins. I used to love that movie as a kid and people, the show was even better. Mary Poppins actually flies over the crowd, up past the balcony! I felt like I was 8 years old.

Now is a good time to display my Broadway outfit. I had Nate take this picture for my cousin, LM, who was with me when I purchased this sequin dress at Goodwill. I found it and it fit perfectly and even still had tags on with extra sequins. The sequins are all hand sewn. I didn't know what I would ever wear it for, but loved it (and it's $6 price tag) so I bought it. Well you can get away with wearing anything in NYC so I took it along. I wore it out two nights - with a blazer and belt to tone it down a bit. It was a hit! And what better place to take a picture of yourself in a silver sequin dress but a faux tiger skin chair:

I felt even cooler when the entire first floor of TopShop was covered in sequins :)

And that was Day 5 of pretending to live in NYC :)

Title of this post comes from the first line of the song China by Tori Amos. Woman plays a mean piano.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Brooklyn Represent Y'All

Recap continues with Tuesday!

At the close of the last post, I alluded to a celebrity sighting that occurred on Day #4:

While The Empire Hotel was a great place, it was REALLY hot. They had an old heating system that once you turn on, it's on. We rectified this by sleeping with our window open.

At approximately 7 AM on Tuesday morning, we were woken up by some loud music. Nate went over to the window and said, "There's some sort of concert going on at Lincoln Center Plaza!". I jokingly said, "Maybe it's Carrie Underwood" because Nate had met her guitarist in the elevator the other day. "Well, it is some tiny blonde chick" was his response. Since neither of us really listen to her music, we didn't recognize the song. We decided to throw some clothes on and go check it out. Did not brush the hair, the teeth, or even look in a mirror.

Turns out, it WAS Carrie Underwood - she was performing three songs for the Good Morning America Fall Concert Series:

We stayed for the concert. On our way to get coffee, we saw a bunch of black Escalades parked on the other side of Lincoln Center so we decided to hang out there to see if we could meet her.

We first met Sam from GMA and then Robin:

Note that we were looking a little gross.

At that time, Nate & I were the only people hanging around. The middle schoolers quickly came and then the 45-50 year old cohort of the offical carrie underwood fan club joined in. Seriously - these women were decked out in the official t-shirts and had the official tote bag. I probably wouldn't be making fun of them right now except that they were so obnoxious. For example, they were planning what they were going to say when Carrie arrived and one of them actually suggested saying, "how y'all doing" in a deliberately fake southern accent. At that point, Nate & I knew we had to stay to see how this all played out.

Carrie came and signed everyone's autograph and took a picture with every single person! I thought that was really nice of her. Here is my mug shot:

AFter that hoopla was over, we went back and showered and got ready for our second day of touring. We were headed to Brooklyn Baby!! I loved Brooklyn and quickly proclaimed that if I were to live in NYC, it would be in Brooklyn. Our bus took the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn - here was one of the shots we took:

After we got back from the tour, we had lunch at Brassiere Les Halles, the restaurant our buddy Anthony Bourdain started way back when. It was scrumptious!

After that we walked the Brooklyn Bridge. How freakin' cool is it that you can do that?!

I bought a Brooklyn Bridge t-shirt from an artist selling them. He was a DIY Screen printer and I thought it only appropriate to support a local crafter.

After the Bridge, we headed to City Hall where I pretended to be on Law & Order:

We then headed to Chelsea to tour around. We ended up on Bleeker street - which I belive is the West Village and got another treat at the "real" Magnolia Bakery. We saw a line of people outside this unmarked store. So naturally we got in line, without really knowing why. It turns out it was a store that sold el-cheapo marc by marc jacobs stuff so we got a lot of strange things, namely fingerless gloves that quasi kept our hands warm for the remainder of the trip. We affectionately refer to them as our MJs. Nate has a plain black pair and mine are red & black striped. They will be coming out in future pics.

We had dinner at John's Pizza, which one of our tour guides said was his favorite NYC pizza. It WAS pretty darn good.

And THAT folks, wraps up day #4.

Title of this post is a lyric from Jay-Z's Brooklyn's Finest. I thought it was a great title that somehow fit a Y'all in there from the carrie underwood crazies. Please know that this song is not for all ears. :)

Hell, I still love you, New York

The Travel Recap Continues....

Days 2 & 3: Sunday & Monday in NYC!

We woke up on Sunday and decided to get some food. We had breakfast, toured Grand Central Station (pic below) and the United Nations that morning.

We then had to check out of the Royalton to get to our next hotel, The Empire Hotel. Why wouldn't we stay in one hotel the entire time, you might ask? Simple. We booked both hotels through Travelzoo and neither one had all nights available. I thought it would be a pain, but it was fun to stay in two different hotels. We got to our hotel, near Columbus Circle & Lincoln Center, just in time to see the end of the NY Marathon. Paula Radcliffe is still my hero even if she got 4th. Then it was time to hit up 5th Avenue!

We had wanted to have tea at The Plaza, but the tea room was under construction. Nate took my picture outside of it nonetheless.

After that it was shopping and sightseeing along 5th Avenue. Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick's Cathedral (GORGEOUS), Tiffany, Cartier, etc. We went to Bloomingdales and I was talked into getting red lipstick. I now love red lipstick. After Bloomingdale's we ate at Serendipity. This place was not at all what I thought it would be - and I mean that in a good way. It was very small and very eclectic. We started with a frozen hot chocolate as an appetizer!

After Serendipity, we headed to Manolo Blahnick and MOMA. I did not buy any shoes. When it came down to it, I couldn't really fathom spending $700+ on a pair of shoes. I guess I am just a practical WI girl at heart. Nate was almost begging me to buy shoes but I didn't find "the pair".

We took a short rest in our hotel room - check out our lovely view!

We headed to Carnegie Deli for a pastrami sandwich and matzo ball soup. It was fantastic. After the deli, we headed to the roof of our hotel for a cocktail. I really wanted my picture underneath the neon Hotel Empire sign but it was too big and Nate wasn't about to hang off the side of the roof to get the whole shot. You can quasi see the red lips in this pic :)

After our really expensive cocktails, we decided to get a bottle of wine and head to our room. Well, we walked EVERYWHERE for this stupid bottle of wine and couldn't find any. My brother-in-law told us about a yummy frozen yogurt place, Pinkberry. People, Pinkberry was like the oasis in the desert. I saw it and literally screamed (on the sidewalks of NYC) "PINKBERRYYYYY". Then I got a hold of myself and said to my husband, "Did I really just scream as loud as I think I did?" He confirmed that I had. No matter, Pinkberry was really yummy.

We headed into this convenience store after that and found four bottles of wine. Hoorray! We headed back to our room. We got up to the room and Nate noticed that the alcohol content was really low. It turns out we should have read the label - we had bought wine product, which tasted like really awful grape juice. Sigh. We decided to retire for the evening.

Day 3: Monday
Monday we got up early because we decided that we were going to do one of those bus tours where you ride on the roof. We had heard these were really good, and a good way to see a lot of the sights in a short amount of time. Our first tour was the Uptown tour which took you through Central Park west, past the Dakota (where Lennon was shot and Yoko still resides), Grant's Tomb, up through Harlem & the Apollo Theatre, and down Central Park East past the Guggenheim, The Frick & the Met. Well, our tour guide boarded the bus and starting chanting "Ah-OOOH-Ga, Ah-OOOOH-Ga". Nate and I thought he may have been drunk. In hindsight, we should have just gotten off that bus and boarded another bus. We did not. As you can imagine, there was not a lot of information that we received on this tour besides, "Look at the beautiful leaves. The pretty leaves, Aren't this just Beautiful" and a lot of Shist Jokes - Shist is the rock that Manhattan is on. There are a lot of Shist rocks in Central Park. It also was really really cold on top of that bus!

Luckily, the downtown tours were better. We took the downtown tour through Greenwich Village and got off to meet our friend, PS, who is at NYU. P took us to this fun restaurant, Bar 89, for lunch. CRAZY enough the restaurant is owned by the same people who own Elsa's On the Park right here in MKE! Probably the craziest thing about Bar 89 is the bathroom. It looks like people can see you when you are using the facility, but they really can't. Hard to explain - you'll just have to go and experience it!

After Bar 89, we did some shopping in SoHo. I went to Top Shop. It was here that I realized that NYC sizes are not the same as everywhere else sizes. Welcome to a few sizes bigger. Oh well. TopShop was a fun place. PS also took us to Uniqlo, where I bought lots of leggings and another pair of skinny jeans....again several sizes larger than I normally wear. I LOVED SoHo.

We said goodbye to PS and got back on the bus to go to the World Trade Center site and the financial district. We also went to Century 21, which was a hot mess. We got back on the bus to go through the East Village, Midtown neighborhoods and were dropped off near our hotel. We walked to Ollie's Noodle Shop for dinner, near our hotel. We had dessert at Magnolia Bakery...not the "real one" but the location nearest our hotel on the upper west side. Those cupcakes were phenomenal. We did a little shopping around our hotel - Sabon, Fresh, and Lululemon. We walked back through the Lincoln Center Plaza, which is beautiful at night, and the sight of a celeb sighting and meeting the very next day. Stay Tuned!

Title comes from the Song New York, New York by Ryan Adams, which my roommate CP and I were addicted to back in college. Click here for a listen.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Go Ahead...Bite the Big Apple


I don't know if one post will entirely capture everything so I will be recapping our eleven day trip to New York City & Philadelphia in the days ahead starting with Day 1.

Oct 31, 2009

We had a 7:30 flight into Manhattan. Upon arrival, we found a driver to take us from La Guardia airport to our hotel. While we were driving to our hotel, I noticed an Asics store poster announcing that Deena Kastor was going to be in the store in 20 minutes! We checked into the swanky Royalton Hotel in Midtown. Unfortunately because we were early our room that we reserved was not ready. "Lemme Lemme Upgrade Upgrade you" was their response - so instead of our standard room we had a fireplace!! Not so unfortunate after all!

We immediately headed to Asics to meet Deena Kastor. She was really nice and signed a personal note on a poster of herself for me.

After meeting Deena, we toured around midtown. New York Library (gorgeous!), Bryant Park, Empire State Building, Mood Fabrics (where they shop on Project Runway), Garment district, Gray's Papaya, NYC Marathon expo, Macy's and so forth. THANK GOD I had my Clark's on because it was a ton of walking. That night we had tickets to West Side Story in Times Square. We ate at Scarlatto which was muy tasty. After eating, we had some time to kill so we sat on the red TKTS steps and watched the crazy Halloween costumes. Crazy enough, there was a couple sitting ahead of us that took the following picture and they were not only from Wisconsin, but were on our same flight from MKE! What are the chances of that happening!

After the people watching, we headed in to the theatre for the show. Oh my lord, West Side Story was AMAZING. I was convinced I was going to be singing those songs all week. It was updated from the original to contain more Spanish, which we both thought seemed more natural that the Sharks would be speaking more Spanish. And oh the dancing....

We returned to the hotel where there were velvet ropes blocking the entrance. Apparently one happening Halloween Party occurs in the lobby. We stayed for approximately 5 minutes and then went up to bed. If the Clarks shoes didn't make me old, this did. :)

And just like that, Day 1 was over!

Title of this post comes from Shattered by the Rolling Stones. Click here for a listen