Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Windy (and Rainy) City

We are back home after a whirlwind 3 days in Chicago.

We took the train to Union Station and decided to walk to our hotel. We decided that we would eat at XOCO right away since we would be walking past it. The wait was a mere 30 minutes and we dove into our sandwiches:
Jamon: La Quercia Prosciutto Americano, Otter Creek Organic cheddar, black beans, avocado, chipotle mustard and a fried egg. &
Milanesa: Crispy Gunthorp chicken, black beans, artisan Jack cheese, pickled jalapenos, tomatillo-avocado salsa.
It was DELICOUS. Our trip was off to a great start!

We arrived at our hotel and decided to walk up Michigan Avenue and Oak Streets. I had fun making Nate guess how much certain shoes were. After that Nate headed off to his conference and I met up with EA & DB to do a short run. It was great to be on the lakeshore path again. After our run we joined SR, LS & NA for dinner at Wilde. It was great to see my Boston training group again.

After dinner I met back up with Nate & TS at Hub 51 for a beer. They continued bar hopping but I headed back to bed.

I got up early to meet MH for coffee before she had to be at work. After that I headed to Oak Park to see JT squared's new house and their dog, Mini. We had lunch at Francesca's Fiore. I had rigatoni with italian sausage, lentils and goat cheese and profiteroles with pistachio gelato covered in a warm chocolate sauce. YUM. After lunch JT and I went to the Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio tour which was also great. I was ready to move into the house!

I left Oak Park and went back downtown to meet Nate. I went to his cocktail reception with him where they had they really great mini tacos with steak or chicken, queso fresca, tomatillo salsa and onion. We weren't really hungry after the tacos so we went to Nordstrom. After that, we took advantage of free HBO, watched a few episodes of Entourage and went to bed.

Another early morning to meet BM before her morning lecture. We ate at Orange. Another great meal - I had an omelet with leeks, brie, bacon & avocado cream, rye toast and this DIY juice combo of pear & pineapple. After breakfast I took the train back downtown to meet Nate as his conference was closing. We walked to Millenium Park where we saw MANY dejected people in their Oympic hopeful gear walking back. This was shortly after it was announced that CHI would not be hosting the Olympics. We had to take our picture in the bean:

We walked over the bridge into the new wing of the Art Institute, walked to Macy's (formerly Marshall Fields) on State Street, and got some Garrett's Caramel Corn.

We checked out of the hotel and decided we needed to stop at Fox & Obel. This was a long walk out of the way with our suitcases and then it started raining. After getting a homemade marshmallow and a red velvet cupcake, we headed to Perry's Deli, for a corned beef deli sandwich, stopping for a white tea sparkler at Argo Tea on the way. It was my first time to Perry's - I realized I had a voicemail so I called my voicemail. All of these alarms started going off and people are looking at me and laughing. Apparently Perry's has a no cell phone rule with MANY signs that I had somehow missed all over the place. People were coming up to me thanking me for the laugh. It was pretty funny.

After Perry's we were back at Union Station to take the train back home. It was a great trip but we were both happy to be back in our house too!

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