Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Recent Crafting

Saturday morning I made my 2nd Birdie Sling.

I made this one without the fusible fleece lining. I really love it and hope the recipient does too!

The band and handle fabric (and also the interior pockets) are made of the Mid Century Modern Wave fabric in Mustard. I got this fabric in the clearance section and notice it isn't there any more and I have no idea who makes it. The blue floral fabric is Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party Fabric in AH15Navy.

Last night i also finished some napkin rings. The napkin rings were our October sewing club project:

I like how mine turned out - I will have to upload pictures. These are really easy:

1. Out of fabric 1, cut as many 4" x 8" rectangles as you want napkin rings. I made six. Out of fabric 2, cut the same number of 4" x 8" rectangles. Out of fusible interfacing, cut the same number of 4" x 8" rectangles. Each napkin ring will contain three rectangles: Fabric 1, Fabric 2 and the Interfacing.

2. Fuse your interfacing to one of the fabrics for each ring.

3. Place your fabric 1 and fabric 2 rectangles right sides together and pin. You should have 6 rectangles.

4. Using a ruler, draw two angled lines on one short end of each rectangle to form a point. See photo below:

Repeat for all six rectangles.

5. Sew along the lines that you just drew as well as around each rectangle, using a 1/4" seam allowance. Leave a small opening on the other short end of the rectangle so you can pull them right side out. You will probably want to clip the corners before doing so.

6. Turn right side out and fold in the opening and press. Topstitch along the entire napkin ring. This will close the hole and finish them off!

7. Now for the grommets. I used 3/8" grommets for each. I measured 1-1/2" from the point and make a mark. You will need a grommet kit to attach the grommets. I bought mine at Lowe's for $8. Follow the instructions on the grommet kit to install the grommets.

8. Cut 18" of coordinating ribbon and feed it through the grommet. Wrap napkin ring and ribbon around napkin and tie a bow near the grommet. Voila! Perfect project for the upcoming holidays!

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Sarah said...

I am a friend of Holly's and was following links on her blog when I saw your blog. I saw this project and thought I would take a stab at it. It turned out really well! Thanks for sharing such a neat, easy project. :)