Monday, October 12, 2009

Rando Recap

We've been busy!

Friday night we checked out Haute Taco with a colleague from work. We both really liked it - beware the pork taco is SPICY.

Saturday we were hit with the "F" word, which for this time of year in Wisco, means FROST. Just like that, our gardening was done for the year. I am happy to say that our zucchini, tomato and basil were very kind to us this year. Our cucumbers, not so much. Something kept eating them and therefore we did not get one. There is an awkward row of bushes in our front yard that we have been wanting to get rid of or move. One of the most annoying ones was this half dead chokeberry bush. Nate went in with an ax and shovel and voila! no more chokeberry bush!

Saturday evening we saw Spring Awakening. It was a great musical! We both really enjoyed it.

Yesterday we made a big pot of beef stew, went to the outlet mall and settled in with some stew & wine for Amazing Race. Nate recently was in Iowa for work and on the way home, he & his colleauges stopped at a winery. He brought me back two bottles for a souvenier. We had the Coco last night and it was tasty - great with the stew!

I also finished a great book - People of the Book. I highly recommend it. Speaking of books, tonight is book club!

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