Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our dinner with the Tsar

Thanks for all of the comments on the shoes! One of my pairs of clarks is in fact a privio (black ballet slipper type) and the mary janes are from the artisan collection. So I guess I'm not all that old, ha ha ha.

Old MD Girl is right though - the bunions are starting to hurt. I had my ankle/foot x-rayed after my wedding mishap in August and the doctor called me - "your foot is not broken, but you do have a bunion starting. you should really try to avoid pointy toed and high heeled shoes". Yeah. right. Anyhoo, thanks OMDG for the recommendations. {BTW, do YOU know the story behind the invention of latex gloves? Scandalous - and I love it. ha ha ha. Check it out.}

Silky J, I am jealous that you will have the Puma shoes. I felt like Cinderella's ugly stepsister willing them to fit me that day in the store :)

SO. Enough about shoes. I must report on our most excellent dinner with the tsar last night! I mentioned we were going to check out Lagniappe Brassiere for their special menu:

A Warm Taste of The Eastern Blocks


Prussian White Borscht
Delicious Kielbasa and our own fermented rye

Siberian Salad
Diced beet, egg, herring (just a pinch), sweet onion, cucumber and cottage cheese


Petrograd Stroganov of Beef
Choice beef tenderloin, button mushrooms, Osborne oak sherry and soured cream with cornichons

Kubiak of Alaskan Salmon
Layers of tarragon scented crepes, shallots and rich wild salmon

Chicken Kiev
Free range breast of chicken with a rich European style herb butter


Strawberries Romanoff
Ripe fruits, Curacao, whipped cream and fresh mint

Yes, part of the menu really was in Russian!!

The waitress brought out a variety of warm breads with duck liver pate, butter and oregano infused olive oil. All were very good.

Both of us chose the salad over the borscht for the first course and it was a wise choice. I must say I never have put cottage cheese on a salad before but I liked the mix!

For the entree, I selected the beef tenderloin and Nate went with the salmon crepes so that we could go half-sies. I can't say that I really preferred one entree over the other - both were really delicious.

The dessert was a cashew cookie with strawberries, whipped cream and mint. I had mine sans strawberries (allergy) and it was divine. I seriously have been tempted to email the chef for the recipe for those.

All in all, it was a fantastic night. Nate even let me call him Yuri a couple of times. :) Apparently the restaurant frequently does these theme nights so we can't wait for the next one! In case you are in the mood for some Dr. Z action, click here

Next up on our restaurant list...tomorrow night at Maxies!

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