Monday, October 5, 2009

Leggings, Skinny Jeans, Yummy Cheese, Birthdays and of course, Magazines!

We came home from Chicago on Friday afternoon quite exhausted so dinner consisted of frozen pizza and Orangina. We watched Away We Go which we both liked. It is a very sweet movie, with a lot of laughs. The soundtrack, aka Alexi Murdoch, also is a delight.

Saturday Nate cooked me my favorite breakfast (two over easy eggs on top of sauteed red potatoes with herbs de provence AND coffee). He settled in for the long haul that is college football while I checked out the new Goodwill that opened nearby. I love Goodwill and spent two hours digging through all the racks. I ended up with 2 dresses, 2 hoodies, 2 piano books, and 4 shirts all for $25. For shiz. Then I made the big switcheroo of my summer/spring clothes to fall/winter, getting rid of another 2 huge bags of clothes in the process. After Nate helped me whittle down items last spring, I had a few items that I couldn't part with then but after another season of not wearing them, they are going out the door.

Two things that I finally broke down and recently bought: skinny jeans and leggings. My sis was forever trying to get me on the leggings bandwagon and I didn't budge until now. And now, of course, I am always wearing them - so comfy! I also am obsessed with my skinny jeans. I actually did buy a pair months ago and returned them because I was on the fence. This second pair I think fits me better.

Saturday night we were invited over for a spontaneous dinner and Scrabble playing with R&JN. I don't think that Nate or I won either of the two games, but it was a fun night.

Sunday Nate made grilled cheese (our Staple Sunday Lunch) with this fresh Basil Farmer cheese from Brennan's with Tomato Soup and fresh french bread from the Breadsmith. My mouth is actually watering for this meal again b/c it was so good. Sunday afternoon we headed to the Hartford Rotary Art Auction with Nate's parents and my mom. Nate is a Rotarian and the art auction was a fundrasier for his club. It was a fun time as well!

Happy birthday to my little bro who turns the big 2-6 today!

OH! And I have a zillion Google Reader items to catch up on but check out Lonny Magazine - a new online magazine that is very similar to Domino but only available online! I am not so sure about these online magazines - I would much rather have the print version, I think. Boo to the news that both Gourmet and Cookie magazines are dunzo.

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