Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I bit the bullet and bought not one but TWO pairs of practical shoes...I AM getting old.

We leave for NYC in a mere ten days. AAHHH!HH!!

I am already having a panic attack over what I will pack. I basically have 9 days of fun clothes to pack and 3 days of work clothes. and shoes. I have a tendency to overpack and to spill on things the first time I wear them. Therefore, Tide pens are a travel must for me. I am attempting to actually think about and plan what I will bring rather than throw a bunch of clothes in my suitcase an hour before I leave (the usual plan).

Admittedly, I am not one that NEEDS much in the way of shoes and/or clothes. However, I tend to buy shoes that are on sale and I don't ever really think about comfort. There are two exceptions to this: Boots and Running shoes. I actually have researched and sought out nice black and brown boots since they are somewhat of a staple. Same for running shoes.

SOOOO Nate warns me that NYC will be a lot of walking. (Read: Don't bring any shoes that will cause you to whine to me that your feet hurt). Again, besides sneakers, I don't really have any shoes that fall into this category. So... I was looking for was a pair of black shoes that were comfy to walk in but still stylish enough that they could "toe the line" (pun intended) of dressy/casual the way that sneakers cannot. Again, my newfound love of Land's End provided a few options that I was interested in. AH also confirmed that she in deed had a few Land's End shoes that she was in love with. I tried a few on at the inlet but wasn't that sold on them. I have difficulty finding flats that actually fit my foot. My foot is long and thin - so I need a size 10 but often they are too wide for my foot so then they a) are not comfortable and b) look bad. I felt like many of the land's end shoes made my feet look enormous.

Then HC came to the Badger game wearing these cute Puma shoes in a perfect grayish/brown color. SOLD! I wanted to buy them ASAP. They were at the Puma outlet but again - the size 10 fit the length of my foot but was way too wide. Not Sold!

After a few other attempts, I ended up going with a pair of Clarks. Seriously - I shopped for my Clarks with the 82 year olds and bought not one but two pairs. A pair of patent brownish/purple mary janes (photo below) and a pair of black leather skimmers (couldn't find a photo). Both were comfy and because it was the outlet, I got a good deal. My footwear for NYC/Philly is complete! (Although I may have to sneak in just ONE crazy pair ha ha ha).


Old MD Girl said...

Cute! No seriously!

For comfort, if you're willing to drop some $, I recommend Paul Green shoes (available at Nordstrom). Cole Hahn is also good, but probably better for those with narrow feet (i.e. you) and high arches.

I too have acquired a sizable collection of geriatric footwear. My bunions just bother me too much with anything cute. So sad. :-(

Silky Jess said...

Amy, I thought those pink Puma shoes were so cute, I just bought them. Bonus--I found a 25% off coupon online, and they were already on sale. Thanks for the link!

Ali said...

Sorry the Lands End didn't end up working out--but glad you got some shoes! Seriously, clarks are WAY comfy...what about Privos? (by Clarks of course)Unless the ones you got are Privos? SOOO comfy!! And at least you can say Privo and not have to say Clarks.

No matter what--you'll rock the fashion scene.

Nadi said...

I LOVE clarks!
I have similar problems...size 11, very skinny feet and I find that clarks are heavensent! I typically order a bunch on zappos (their 'indigo'/'artisan' collection is very cute), try them on at home when they arrive the next day (free ground shipping is pretty much always upgraded to next day air @ no charge on zappos)...if any of them dont fit right or don't feel stellar, i return them for free and usually have a refund within the week! so much easier than going from store to store just be disappointed that my size isn't there!
anyway, glad you're now on the clarks bandwagon (they are NOT for old people...that's what i tell myself anyway). :0)