Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Don't "Squash" My Plans, Jo-Ann Fabrics Lady!

A coworker recently went on vacation and another coworker and I split her CSA box of veggies. We took home 3 delicata squash. I had never had this type of squash before and last night we took the plunge. Well, Nate & I each ate a squash EACH. They were so yummy! We may have to fight over the remaining one, ha ha ha.

Check out Alex wearing the onesie I made him! So cute! I might have to make more of those.

My latest project is the Birdie Sling for a certain girl turning the big 2-1 next month. I have all the pieces cut out and half of them are fused with the interfacing. I am having a little difficulty with the fusible fleece in that it is not fusing. I almost think that the woman at Jo-Ann's sold me the wrong thing. I'm not saying that if I worked at Jo-Ann's that I would be the most pleasant woman on earth (that store is always ALWAYS crazy busy) but seriously - the employee is crabby in 85% of the interactions I have there. The woman cutting all of my interfacings a couple of nights ago was certainly no exception. "What do you need all of this for". "I'm making a bag". "Oh, well i've made millions of purses and have never used any of this before." Well lah-de-dah lady. I'm sure the fusible fleece is likely optional but I always like to try to make one bag how the instructions indicate and modify from there.

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