Thursday, October 29, 2009

Deal of the Century

Nate turned me on to shopping at Boston Store, which is a Macy's-like department store in the Midwest. (Or maybe they are everywhere, I'm not sure).

Boston Store has these yellow-dot sections where things are 85% off. I am in love with these sections. Nate & I will go there and only shop the 85% off racks. Last night, I was in Boston Store to make a return and I thought I would peruse some of the racks. I found this cute Ralph Lauren dress that looked like a short sleeve white shirt on top with a black skirt with a scalloped/eyelet edging and a patent black belt. It was very Kristin Davis/Charlotte York (as in the picture above). I looked at the tag and it was still $156 even on clearance. Then i noticed a TINY sign that said: "Dresses: $4.99". Well, if it WAS going to be $4.99, I had to try it on. It fit perfectly. I took it to the counter and asked how much it was. "$4.99" came the reply! The original price on the dress was $168! I think this might be the best deal I ever have gotten.

It is going to be a great Cruise outfit!

Photo Source: MSNBC Media


caroldes7 said...

more jealousy!!! wow- they best deal you have ever gotten. that is something to celebrate!

BrookeK said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! this is the best deal EVER! you know I would freak for something like this. On the to-do list for tomorrow....head to BS! And...I love that style!