Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two years of wedded bliss (almost!) and I'm already falling apart

I am falling apart. As Nate would say, I'm also a DQ (Drama Queen). My foot injury has improved slightly in that i can at least walk on it, albeit it is painful. And then yesterday at work I bent over to rummage in my bag and did something to my back...which is likely a result of walking funny from the initial foot injury. Nate told me I was like living with an 80 year old last night since i smelled of Biofreeze :)

While I rested my weary bones on the couch last night, I made a necklace from the August issue of Martha Stewart Living. You can see the necklaces on her Crafts Dept blog post. I made the bib necklace, which was not as long in the magazine as it is on the blog post. I wanted to dye some wood beads but they were out of them at the craft store so I got the assortment mix. Nate said he liked my version better (photo below).

I actually still have to put some metal crimps on it but I was too excited about it and had to wear it to work today. I think I would also like to make it a bit bigger. I think my beads were slightly smaller than the ones used in the magazine so it wasn't quite as much as a bib as the magazine picture.

Tonight kicks off a week-long celebration of our 2nd anniversary! Although I love dragging holidays/events out as much as possible, the reason for the week-long celebration actually is more due to bad luck, chance and coupons than anything. You'll get the idea over the next few days as I explain.

But let's start off with tonight: The traditional 2nd anniversary gift is cotton. Nate is BIG on tradition, and so am I so we made it a point to try to follow the traditional gifts roster. I guess he was fretting about what to get me when I happened to point out a COTTON trench coat featured in the September issue in InStyle magazine that happened to be from the Gap and I just HAPPENED to get a 25% off coupon for the Gap in the mail that expires soon. THEN, when I bought my headband that I wore for JS&RN's wedding, I HAPPENED to get a 40% coupon good today only for BR. SO he announced that he was taking me on a shopping spree for some cotton clothes for part of my gift. Given that one of the coupons can only be used today, we are going tonight. He said he feels bad that it is sort of anticlimatic, but I am PUMPED!!

I'll also use the occassion to post more of the zillion wedding photos you get and never use! Here are a few pictures taken right before our rehearsal dinner. The second picture is taken in front of the window of my FIL's store. He always decorates it to celebrate a milestone in one of the boys' lives so the week before our wedding it was decorated for us! (P.S. Check out how long my hair was!)

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Old MD Girl said...

Happy anniversary! Where does get a list of what the material is for each year?