Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TGIF (again)!

Fall is here! And by "fall", i don't mean the really nice, sunny, 70s-ish temperatures that we have been lucky to have for 27 days of September. I mean cool (today's high is 58) and grey days. We dragged out an extra blanket for our bed last night...brrr. Of course this means that I hit snooze 3 times instead of 2 because it is so nice and toasty in bed!

We had a great weekend. We accompanied our friends H&AC to Madison on Friday night and had a great fish fry at Quivey's Grove. We ate in the Stone House (as opposed to the Stable Grill) in order to get the freshly baked muffins that were delish. The fish fry was very good indeed! Saturday morning we woke up and headed to Camp Randall for the Badger Game. The game was a good one - lots of action and we won!

Since it was SO beautiful on Saturday, we got home from the game and I went for a run and then Nate & I went for a bike ride.

Sunday we cleaned the house, mowed the lawn and headed to nate's parents' house to have dinner with his bro, who was home from FL for the weekend.

I am celebrating TGIF today because today may be Tuesday, but it is my last day of work for the week. Nate has a conference in Chicago for the remainder of the week and I am heading there with him. We are taking the train down tomorrow morning and staying downtown. I am excited to hang with a variety of friends that I have there from when I used to live there. We also have plans to try Lucky's Sandwich, featured on Man vs. Food (excellent show) and Rick Bayless' new place, XOCO.

Starting October in CHI and ending it in NYC sounds like a great month to me!!

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chacha said...

Man vs Food is one of our favorites :o)

Have fun in Chicago!