Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Recreational Activities

You may have noticed that Nate & I are on a bit of a board/card game streak. We have always enjoyed a good board game and are pretty evenly matched so it is fun. Last night we played Cribbage, which I have yet to beat him at, and also taught ourselves to play Rummy, which is what Phase 10 is based on. We received a bunch of games as a wedding gift from my mother-in-laws bridge group. We were about to bust out the bridge but you need at least 4 people for that. So Rummy it was. We really wanted to put together a puzzle, but we didn't have any. Seriously, this is how dorky we really are at Casa de Schlotty.

In other recreational activities, i actually went for a run last night. This was not my first post-foot injury run, however. I attempted to run a mile on the YMCA treadmill last week. It didn't feel great so I decided to swim instead. Yes, I donned my REALLY ugly green swimsuit and swam a few laps. I actually felt pretty good about those laps too. Last night I ran a hefty 2.4 miles around our neighborhood and felt pretty good. It never fails to amaze me how out of shape you feel after a few weeks of no running. However, fall is my very most favorite time of year to run so if I have to keep on doing the small slow runs, I will.

I have a bunch of pictures to post but I lost my camera cord! Once I find it, prepare to be inundated.

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