Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall is off to a great start

Another busy weekend...

Friday night we took it easy and watched almost the entire season of Weeds.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early as we had to get to my great-grandfather's auction. He decided to auction off most of the stuff he and my great-grandmother acquired over the years. We met at my aunt Jackie's house, who was putting her Gazelle out for free. Nate decided that someone had to demonstrate how the thing worked:

Then we walked through the field to get to his house. On the way a snake slithered over my sister's foot. We both screamed and took off running. Thankfully someone was driving through the field and offered to drive us the rest of the way, lest we run into any more snakes.

There were four wagons full of stuff that started the bidding. I was very happy to acquire a couple of boxes of old dishes and glassware. My sister and I also were able to get a box of old costume jewelry that is FAB. We wanted these leather purses that we think my great-grandma got on one of their many trips to Mexico but some other woman got that box. My sister went up to her and asked if she wanted the purses and the woman gave them to us!! (The box was FULL of other items). Here are some other fun/funny things:

My uncle John scored the old Ouija boardgame that they played with as kids:

Here is John again with his cousin serenading us with the old guitars:

The old pipe organ:

Then my uncle John found an old walkie talkie and was pretending it was a cell phone a la Zack Morris. We were cracking up:

The one thing we were NOT prepared for was how HOT it was on Saturday. I have some minor sunburn and the kids got so hot they took their shirts off to run around:

All in all it was a good day. Our cabinet with our china no longer looks so much like a store display as I added a bunch of items that I bought. I will have to post a picture of that later.

Saturday night we headed out with the newlyweds and LR to Tosafest, which is Wauwatosa's annual summer festival.

Sunday we finished Weeds (does anyone know when Season 5 comes out?!?!), cleaned the house, and went over to The C's with the Bs to play some Beatles Rockband and watch the Packers. I was teaching the B's son, Alex, to dance. I think it really distracted him from noticing he had new teeth coming, ha ha ha.

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caroldes7 said...

that auction is crazy! i've never heard of anything like it!

love the topless girl pics... he he! that'll be blackmail when toni is dating!