Monday, September 21, 2009

Fabulous Fall Weekends

Ahh.. I love fall. Summer gets incredibly busy for us and we always seem to never be home on the weekends. As Nate commented over the weekend, "It's nice to get back to being home!".

Friday night we tried a new restaurant (new for us), Bayou. The food was standard, nothing impressive. We expected this Cajun restaurant to be a little more...i don't know..Cajun?? Our food was kind of bland.

Saturday Nate headed to the Badger game and I went to the Cedarburg Wine & Harvest Festival with my mom & sister. We ended the evening grilling out and watching a few episodes of the Office.

Yesterday was a big ol' relaxing day playing Scrabble (I won!), Phase 10 (Nate won) and watching a Law and Order SVU marathon. I also made bread WITHOUT the breadmaker and it was yummy. Far better than our previous attempts WITH the breadmaker. I think Craigslist will have a new post by the end of the day.


Nicole said...

That sounds like a lovely weekend! I love food festivals and it has been soooo long since I have been to one.

chacha said...

Yeah, I could never understand how the breadmaker could really make good bread. It's kind of an art, with the kneading and rising and such. I could never trust a machine to do it :o)