Friday, September 4, 2009

Damn Car (Part 2).

SOOOOOO I forgot to include the recurring car drama from the week.

We had the car towed to and fixed at a local auto place a week ago. They indicated that they had to reprogram the computer so that the ignition would "talk" to the fuel pump. This cost $175: $80 for the "diagnostic fee" and the rest in labor and taxes. We also were told that we needed a new gasket of some sort. Apparently they noticed this is in the diagnostic check.

Nate drove the car to work on Monday and still felt that something was not right. Luckily he works near a Pontiac dealer. He drove the car over there and they determined that we needed a new battery and a fuel filter. This also cost $170 in labor, new battery and parts.

Ok, CLEARLY I am not an auto mechanic but wouldn't you think that part of the "diagnostics" would include checking to see if the battery was ok?!? I mean if you're checking the gasket, which would have no influence on the car not starting (I think), why aren't you checking the battery, which would maybe influence a car not starting?!?

I think I need to write them a letter.


Nicole said...

Sorry to hear about the car and your foot, but congrats on 2 years!
I can't believe you have been blogging for 2 years already.

Old MD Girl said...

Stupid car mechanics.

Sorry to hear about your foot. I hope it's not broken!

I also can't believe you've been married and blogging for 2 years now. Time sure goes by fast!

Missy said...

Don't go to a dealership - take it to one of the "mom & pop" mechanics. They won't rip you off.

Congrats on 2 years! Love the old pics.

chacha said...

There are a lot of incompetent mechanics it seems. I have always had good experiences with dealers, however, they always charge way more which is an abuse of the whole "brand name" thing they have.

Half the time I wonder if they are recommending something I really don't need.