Friday, September 4, 2009

Blue Boots are all the rage

Class went well last night, in my opinion. The last time I substituted for this class it was at 7 AM and getting people to participate was rough. The 6 PM time seemed to improve this immensely.

This morning I went to the doctor to get my foot checked out. It was still bothering me from the wedding incident. The doctor thought that I may have fractured a metatarsal, but I am awaiting his phone call once he gets the x-ray results (I had to go to a different location for the x-rays). Seriously...I am the biggest clutz. I broke my foot in a similar way when I was a senior in high school. I was wearing wedge shoes and my foot slipped off the back and that twisting motion caused a fracture. 10 years later, some things never change. Now I am wearing the highly fashionable blue shoe with the ace bandage accessory. AND to make me feel even better, my foot was TOO BIG for the largest women's shoe so I'm wearing a man one. Check out this sassy number:

However, it is still a good day guessed it - the anniversary celebration continues! Tonight we are headed for a romantic dinner at Sanford. We have not been here before but we are constantly reading and/or hearing about it so it wins as restaurant of choice to celebrate #2. We were planning on going here on our ACTUAL anniversary, but they close down for two weeks starting Sunday so we had to back the reservation up a little. Here is a great review of Sanford...the chef was chosen to make Julia Child's 80th Birthday DINNER!

AND NOW...more unused wedding pictures!

My dad surprised me with a diamond bracelet!!

Love the look on my face as my mom puts my earring in:

Nate-0...Bring on the cheese. This pic makes me laugh:

Nate with the best men and the ushers:


Emily said...

I've heard great things about that restaurant. Let me know how you like it. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Ali said...

If anyone can make a blue man's boot fashionable, you can...

:) Enjoy the continued anniversary celebrations. I love the unused picture posts!!!

Crazy 8s said...

aaaaaaaaah, the man shoe!!!
that always happens to me!
in my adult life, i've only owned 2 pair of women's, huh? i think that may be why i have such awful knee problems.
good luck with your foot :0)