Thursday, September 3, 2009

The anniversary celebration started out strong...

Tonight I start teaching my class! I am excited about it. Although the "I am a student please bend over backwards for me" emails have already started. I guess they are going to make me earn every penny of my adjunct faculty salary!

OMDG asked about where the list is for anniversary gifts. I usually use this table, which provides both the traditional and modern gifts.

Speaking of anniversary gifts...The shopping went well last night. We located the aforementioned Gap trench and I felt like it was a little too...manly for me, but maybe my haircut was making me feel self concious. And the sleeves were too short, which usually is a problem for monkey arms me. I felt a little "eh" about everything in the Gap so we perused the other mall stores instead. I got a pair of dress pants so my faded gray pants with zippers on the bottom from Express circa 1999 can be given to Goodwill. When I made this comment after we purchased the pants, Nate responded, "Oh my God you still WEAR those?!". I never really thought they were THAT bad or the zippers THAT noticeable, but maybe. I also got a sweet lined Calvin Klein dress, similar to the one we found in Spring (same cut, different pleating, different sleeve and different color with no belt), but it was SIXTEEN DOLLARS so we couldn't pass it up. This is ONE HUNDRED TWELVE DOLLARS off the original price! I wore it today for my first class. Of course, I had to jazz it up a bit with a belt I had and then wore shoes that really don't feel that great on the injured foot...
Anyway, back to shopping. Nate also wanted to get me a suit because I constantly am looking for one that actually fits me - He probably was just sick of going shopping for one. I ended up getting two suits, and am looking into getting them tailored. My problem is I need one size in the jacket (to accomodate the monkey arms) and a different size in the pants.

And...this is the real testament to true love...even though he complains about my shoes a lot and rolls his eyes when I come home with a new pair, he even bought me a new pair of shoes.

A dress, 2 suits, a pair of dress pants and a pair of shoes: Not a bad anniversary present! We did have to laugh b/c I'm not sure how much of this is really cotton!

I also gave Nate one of his gifts...the non-cotton one. He has been complaining about how he has no tool storage, the basement is a mess, etc. With the input of WB & my bro, I bought him a Craftsman tool cart/tower thing:

The funny part about this is that I had to have him help me carry it in the house earlier this week. I went to pick it up and didn't realize how heavy it would be so when I got home with it, he helped me bring the boxes in the house with his eyes closed! I thought he might have a guess at what it was, but he had thought it was surround sound since he and my dad have been talking about that a lot recently. I think he was pretty pleased with the gift!

We also kicked off the celebration by tasting our cow! We grilled a steak and made fajitas. YUM-O. Our cow is delish. Thank goodness since we have about 100lbs left of it.

And now for more wedding-related pictures! I warned you I was bringing them out!

Here is a pic of me wakeboarding the morning of our rehearsal dinner with the ATL crew:

And the morning of the wedding, my nana, a former beautician, doing my hair at my mom's. AWESOME!

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Ethan@OPC said...

First, happy anniversary! I would just like to say that tool storage is an awesome gift. Kudos to you!