Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2 years and counting!

Today is it - the ACTUAL anniversary! One last present was exchanged - 1000 thread count pima cotton sheets with a herringbone pattern.

And the last round of pics:

This one cracks us up everytime - love that you can see Nate's grandfather peeking through with a smile:

The ATL Crew gets a taste of WI

Classic - love how my dress is sort of floating out on this picture but Nate has his eyes closed

And our wedding party:

On to #3!

P.S. My foot is NOT fractured. WOOHOO!


chacha said...

Happy anniversary and good news that your foot isn't fractured. Did they make you go through a bone scan or something? When I had my last running leg thing, that turned out to be compartment syndrome, they thought it might be a stress fracture. Had to do a bone scan to rule it out (turned out costing (fancy xray deal with special injection) me a butt-load since within a 50 miles radius I didn't have any in-network providers).

Old MD Girl said...

That pic with your grandpa is AWESOME.

maura said...

I love your small wedding party.