Sunday, August 9, 2009

We Love the Fair!

Yesterday we went to the Wisconsin State Fair. Even though it was around 90 degrees outside, we stayed for over SIX hours, we were having so much fun.

First we went through the WI Foods Pavillion and had a savory lamb sandwich, honey ice cream and maple cotton candy. The woman working behind the lamb counter told me I looked like Winona Ryder. It started the day off on a good foot, even if she was just trying to butter me up to buy more lamb! We also talked to the chef who made the yummy lamb sandwiches and he is going to send us the recipe for the savory sauce!

After the initial food, we went to see the livestock. I was in love with the pigs:

They were squealing up a storm during their judging. I also thought the sheep were really cute - they all were wearing these hood type things to keep their coats clean for the judging. Of course I didn't automatically know this so I asked one of the sheep farmers about it - he seemed very annoyed that I didn't know this, but oh well.

After all of the livestock, we needed more food. It was time to get a little crazy - we went to the Herb Kohl Milk Farm where you could get a nice tall glass of milk for 25 cents. AND the milk could be banana, cherry vanilla, strawberry, root beer or chocolate flavored. This is one of Nate's favorite parts of the fair:

We opted to try the banana, root beer and chocolate varieties. You can see how hot it was by how sweaty Nate is in this picture:

Then I got a CREAM PUFF! (You can sort of see my new 'do)

We also had rye-battered, deep-fried swiss cheese ON A STICK which we ate with some real German dark mustard. DELISH!

Then came the line for this year's culinary delight - the chocolate covered bacon:

We both ate it and it was pretty good. I actually didn't taste much bacon - it mostly tasted very chocolatey to me.

We then headed to the lumberjills show - basically really ripped women who can do impressive feats with axes and chainsaws and log rolling. After the lumberjills it was off to the racing pigs!

The pigs raced around the course for cheetos. Try as I might I jumped up and down to become the pig queen, but another woman three people over from me in my row was selected. SHUCKS!

As you can imagine, part of the fun of the fair is all of the people watching. The bump-its women were all over the place doing fair-goers hair with the bump it to try to sell them so we had a fun time picking out all of the bumpit women. The L'Oreal tent featured a bunch of makeup and hair samples (and seemed REALLY out of place, but we still went). They had this black light thing you stuck your face in and they would show you all of your aging signs. I was happy I didn't have any...thank goodness for all of those eye cream samples!

We wrapped up the evening watching a neil diamond impersonator dance on picnic tables. By this time we were delirious from all the activity and the heat:


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