Thursday, August 13, 2009

We have a new throne

Last night we got a new toilet seat! This is our second new toilet seat since moving in. Nate somehow broke it while leaning his hand on it while bending over to wash his hair in the tub post haircut last night. So, it was off to Target we went to get a new one before the big bachelorette party this weekend. I don't think you fall into the "good host category" if you have to force your guests to hover on your toilet!

We also found some new prints for the living room, which after we hang them, will receive a "DONE" stamp.

And if that weren't enough to make for a busy night, I was sewing up a storm. I made 3 pairs of Schlocks, a pouch for my mom's bicycle to hold her keys and cell phone and I finished up some favors for the bachelorette party this weekend.

Did I mention that JS's big bachelorette extravaganza is this weekend? I think we all are excited for a girls' night out on the town! I have a few things to finish up tonight and tomorrow and then next week's posts will be recapping the event and will feature a downloadable tutorial! Tonight my goddaughter and cousin, Liz, is coming over and will help me with some of the final touches. I have off tomorrow and my Jo-Ann's coupons arrived in the mail yesterday so I'm sure we'll have a few crafts up our sleeves!

Oh! and I have officially decided to do the hair show!

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caroldes7 said...

I love your new haircut, but totally glad you are taking the plunge with the awesome stylist. You don't get an opportunity like that very often!

Hope you have a blast at JS's b-party! I was just thinking about it being 2 yrs since yours (well, it was same weekend as Oakhurst BBQ fest which is this weekend!)