Monday, August 3, 2009

Wabeno and Couches

We spent the weekend at the lake house of our friend's parents in Wabeno, WI aka middle of nowhere WI. It was a beautiful place right on Roberts Lake. The weather was a tad chilly, but the girls ditched the guys and went for a refreshing swim. I think Roberts Lake is the cleanest lake I have ever been in.

We were treated to a double rainbow later in the afternoon!

Our hosts even got us all group t-shirts for the event!

Just another reason to love Wisconsin!

When we got home, we had to wash the car as it was covered in muck - many of the "roads" to get to the cabin were gravel/mud. Then it was time to move the furniture from the living room down in the basement. The chair moved down there no problem. The couch was a different story. We could not angle the couch around the corner to get into the basement, no matter what we did. SOOOO...we had to post the couch on craigslist, and we will be keeping our futon that we originally had down in the basement. The new couch and loveseat will be arriving sometime between 2-5 today and we will then have THREE couches in our living room until someone saves us (aka buys the craigslist couch). Here's one last look at the green stuff:

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heather said...

I always think of Friends in situations like that..."pivot, pivot!" :-) Thank goodness for Craigslist!