Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vintage Knits

Sunday afternoon/evening we helped Nate's Grandma E sort through some things in her basement. One of the things I got to take home with me was a stack of old knitting patterns and magazines she had. I really hope to make a bunch of the stuff because it is just so classic!!!
How Mad Men is this?! I told GE that I wanted to look just like this woman. She just laughed:

There is a whole book section of "campus fashions" including a pattern for the Campus Hero and the Campus Doll. I told Nate I now knew what he was getting for Christmas!

She signed her name on some of them too. I am very very excited about this gift!

1 comment:

Old MD Girl said...

For a second I thought that the second woman wasn't wearing any pants!

Cute though. You'll have to show us the products of your labors.