Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Couches!

Our new couches have arrived! Our window was between 2 and 5 yesterday. I am not normally home at this time so I don't know if this is normal but there were a lot of large sounding trucks driving on our street causing me to jump up and look out the window almost every 5 minutes! At 3:30, the magic furniture truck arrrived.

Our living room is a bit of a disaster right now - we have both the new couch and loveseat and the old couch in there. As Nate says, it looks like a college dorm room. On top of that, we were trying to move pictures around from other rooms of the house and change up the accessories for a good portion of the night.

I also don't think these photograph particularly well. I have noticed that about a lot of things in our house actually - things look different in person. Clearly I don't have skillz as a photog.

Hopefully we can get the old couch out of there soon!

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