Friday, August 7, 2009

The Music of the Night


We have quite a fun weekend ahead of us beginning with date night tonight! It has been a while since Nate & I hung out with just each other - we are having dinner at Metro Bar & Cafe followed by The Phantom of the Opera!!!!! I LOVE Phantom....well, I LOVE the Phantom Original London Cast Recording. I actually have never been to the show, and the movie was only ok for me because the singing was not up to par with the original broadway cast. I anticipate a lot of singing to occur over the weekend, ha ha ha.

Tomorrow we are going to the Wisconsin State Fair. Nate is very very very VERY excited - he loves the State Fair. I myself have never been to it, despite growing up here! Apparently the food is the main show at the Fair and Nate already has many of the food stops planned. One of the most talked about food thus far is chocolate covered bacon, which I guess made the news in FL (where my in-laws are right now). I love chocolate and I LOVE bacon, so I'm eager to try it.

Speaking of chocolate, my mom, aunt JM & I went to Diva night a few nights ago and had a wonderful dessert - chocolate ice cream with a little of the New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red poured over it. We loved it so I bought a carton of Oberweiss Chocolate Ice Cream and a bottle of the Belgian Red for my dessert for investment club last night. YUM! Unfortunately, I'm not sure how available WI Belgian Red is to those of you not here in WI...another reason to visit our great state!


Emily said...

Have fun at Phantom!! It's one of my favorites too. I saw it in Chicago years ago, and am hoping to catch it here in Milwaukee too.

Silky Jess said...

I recently learned that the Erie County fair here includes a competition of which chicken has the best outfit. Please let me know if they also dress up their chickens for show in Wisconsin.