Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

You may have noticed in our state fair pictures: I have bangs!

I am loving my new haircut. I went in yesterday morning planning to get a trim and there was a woman in the waiting area with this hair. I approached her, told her I loved her hair and asked her if she would mind going to my stylist with me. She graciously said sure. So my stylist came out, I told her, "i want that hair" and pointed to the woman. My stylist went through my model and then gave me the 'do, with a little more bang action. So thank you Ms. Mysterious Girl with the Great Hair in the EoN Waiting Room! Today I had a bridal shower and someone said, "It's very Thoroughly Modern Millie". Fun!

Speaking of Broadway shows, our Phantom Friday was wonderful! First, the Metro Bar had a special Julia Child menu, likely because the Julie & Julia movie came out! I had escargot, coq au vin and some chocolate souffle with vanilla creme. It was delish! Nate shared my escargot and souffle and then had the salmon for his main entree. Phantom was...wondeful. I can't even think about a word to describe how much I loved it and I feel my eyes welling up even trying to recall it. I of course was sobbing at the end - not a great night to try out a smoky eye, let me tell you! Thankfully I was able to clear the dark smears off my cheeks and make it to the parking lot. The soundtrack has been playing non-stop in our home and in our cars. :) The show was great - we had an AMAZING Phantom and a powerhouse of a Christine. Our Raoul could have been better, but we might be a little picky. LOVED it, I tell you!


BrookeK said...

Cute! it is totally thoroughly modern Millie! I loved that musical!

Ali said...

Hands down--my most favorite haircut--and I have loved all of them! And going with the musical theater theme, I say Catherine Z-J in Chicago. (Really, it looks like Audrey in Amelie).

Old MD Girl said...

V. cute.