Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Really, people have more serious problems than this, but I am not sure what to do in this situation:

A friend is a stylist at a local salon (the salon is consistently reviewed as one of the top to visit in the area). My friend is doing a hair show at the end of August and this top stylist from Canada is coming and taking one appointment and wants someone with shorter hair. My friend asked me if I would like to do it! She noted that several of her colleagues have received a haircut from this guy and it was the best haircut they ever received.

PROS: Likely an awesome haircut, free products (oh, I am such a sucker for free things), fun experience

CONS: I really like my current haircut. I guess he does do a private consult before the show, so I wouldn't totally be turning it over to him...but....a tiny part of me is nervous. I keep telling myself it sort of would be like I was on one of those fun makeover shows like What Not to Wear, ha ha ha.



ethan@OPC said...

You should do it! The hair will grow back, but you'll probably never get this opportunity again.

Sounds very glamorous.

maura said...

I second! Hair grows back. Your new haircut is fabulous but you'll be able to tell the stylist how much you love it...I'm sure he'll give you something as fabulous or at least something that will allow you to transition back to your current 'do. Go for it. I have decided to try a new stylist since every time I go, I ask him what I should do with my hair, but he has no ideas. Boo.

Ali said...

Dilemma indeed! (but an awesome one). At first I was like, "don't do it, your hair is so cute now!" But then thought--you have pictures of your new "do," and can always go back to the last stylist and ask for it again. You know? So, knowing you can always get back to where you are now, I say BE A RISK TAKER (just take pictures). I love it!

Crazy 8s said...

What a neat and fun, if in the off chance you don't end up liking the cut, you can always get the pixie cut similar to the french actress whose name escapes me now...rrrrgh!

BrookeK said...

totally do it! or let me...haha! you might be sick of your new do by then anyway:)

Missy said...

Hair grows back...just do it! Have FUN! :)

Old MD Girl said...

I agree. Do it.