Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Book Club: Farm City

Now that Swaptree has replaced the "Book It" part of this blog, I am going to post on our book club selections instead. "Book It" becomes "Book Club"

Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer was the book selected for the August meeting of our book club. This book made Oprah's "25 Books You Can't Put Down" list. I'm not much of an Oprah fan so that didn't really make me excited to read this book. You may remember my 'eh' feeling about Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, which I read earlier this year. I was not about to read another tale of a writer singing the praises of growing food in a state of bucolic bliss.

I am happy to post that this book exceeded my expectations.

I really liked this book. First, it was funny. Second, she made (a lot) of mistakes which were also funny. Third, I thought her tale was honest and non-preachy. I don't often like non-fiction, but this read like fiction and had a great cast of characters...some of them human, some animal. I can't really say that I identified with the author or her lifestyle - I am not about to raise two pigs in our yard and go dumpster diving on a nightly basis for their food - but I did sort of idolize her by the end. If you at all get into this ever-growing genre of "i raised my food and wrote a book about it", I recommend this one. I'm anxious to hear what our other club members thought!


Holly said...

I am dragging my feet on getting the book - mostly because I haven't liked Oprah books in the past. I'm glad to hear you liked it and maybe I'll even go get it tonight.

Anonymous said...

I love to swap my books and other stuff with