Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BlogRoll: The Friends

We had book club last night, and discussed Farm City. Everyone in attendance liked the book! We started talking about blogs at one point and I realized that I have not updated my blog list in a really long time - mostly because I am heavily reliant on Google Reader to read blogs, and people's sidebar items do not show up on that. In the coming days I will post all of the blogs in my Google Reader categories (yes, I cateogorized my Google Reader, by now you should know I'm a little neurotic and a little dorky).

The first category I am going to list is Friends. These are blogs of people I have personally known at some point in the past couple of years. I like it because there is a little representation from the ATL (or people I met in the ATL), a little CHI-town love and some MKE goodness as well.

Here we go:
ARTwork This is my sister's blog, which she hasn't updated in a really long time, but features her artwork. Love her self portraits!

Appelt Adventures The blog of Christopher, Kristina (an old book club friend), and their newest addition, Nathaniel.

Chris & Erica The blog of Chris & Erica (duh!), who used to room with my BF JS.

It's All About Sarah The new blog of Frank & Carol, friends from the ATL, and their newest addition, Sarah.

Little LITTLE Miles Linus (and Kilo!) The blog of another friend from ATL, Alison, and her adventures with her hubby, baby Miles and baby kilo on the way!

MmMmTasty: A Foodie Mom Cooks with her Kids The blog of Nicole, whom I used to fill-in babysit for her daugher Lilly...now joined by a sister AND a brother!

More of the Same The blog of Maura, whom I met through Alison (see Little Little Miles Linus. Maura features some kick butt mixes to download each month!

OldMDGirl The blog of S, whom I used to work with in Chicago, and frequent commenter. You will get a kick out of her stories of life in the medical school/PhD program world.

The Silkys' Blog The Blog of Silky Jess, friend from the ATL, featuring life with her hubby Jason and their daughter Ella.

Toadfrogs & Elephants Holly's blog featuring her hubby Wade and their son Alex and a whole bunch of other stuff, including home renovations. Holly is a recent friend from MKE!!

A Life Less Ordinary The blog of Emily, and the only person I ever met through blogs! Another blog I read featured Emily's blog on MKE and I started reading, Emily joined the book club and voila!

In This Instance features the blog of Tara, a former bookclub friend from CHI.

And finally,
Crazy Eights The blog of R, featuring her beautiful family of, you guessed it, 8! R & I (along with Carol, Ali & Jess above) were in grad school together.

I must also give a shout out to JT, my friend and children's book illustrator, whose newest illustrations appear in this book, out today!


Ali said...

You've inspired me to organize my Google reader--and add a few that you just introduced me too! It's like a really disorganized closet that every time I open, makes me panic that the sweaters aren't folded right or shelved in a way that makes sense. But when the disorganization gets to a certain degree, you shut down until you get that needed "push" or reminder from someone like you! The worst is that I pretty much always read the personal ones first, and leave unread a zillion other ones. Half of the time, I just "mark as unread" because I cannot STAND seeing unread posts--(or unread e-mail).

Old MD Girl said...

Aw, you linked me! I'm touched!

Now I'll have to write something actually interesting.