Wednesday, August 12, 2009

BlogRoll: The Cooking Folder

Here are the blogs in my google reader's Cooking folder.

30 Bucks a Week This couple blogs about their experiences trying to keep their food budget at or under $30/week.

Bitten Oh Bitty...

Cast Sugar This woman was one of my first non-friend or family commenters. She has some great recipes!

Chez Pim Yummy sounding and looking recipes, but I've never made anything from here.

fresh365 This may be my favorite of the cooking blogs. I think the recipes are good, easy and the photography is mouth-watering.

Hostess with the Mostess A good source if you ever have to host an event - baby shower, wedding shower, bachelorette party, etc.

Raising Foodies I actually read the author's other blog (which is how I heard about this one). I'm not really raising any foodies, unless you count my husband and myself, but often there are some good recipes.

The Gourmet Project Similar to Julie & Julia, the author posts about her experiences trying to cook her way through The Gourmet Cookbook - complete with a rating scale and everything!

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Ali said...

I had to add some of these to my newly organized reader. :) fresh365 is great! It reminds me of 101 cookbooks: Truth be told, I have never done any of her recipes, but it is the same idea of--amazing photography, mouth-watering food.