Friday, August 28, 2009

Bikes & Weddings

When I originally got my bike, I planned on biking to work two days a week. Of course it pretty much decided to rain almost every day since then and that goal went out the window. Well, due to the fact that we are down to one car, I biked to work with a slight rainy mist today. It wasn't too bad! This was my second day of biking to work and I think I like it. The time to get from my front door to in my office is actually less with biking since I have to park pretty far away from my building. The one drawback is that I get pretty hot on the bike ride so I bike in workout clothes and change when I get to work. This seems to do the trick.

After our car was towed away to the repair shop last night, I also had to bike to my pedicure appointment, which thankfully is near our neighborhood so I was not sweaty/gross upon arrival. And now I have pretty feet for the weekend's events...the wedding of my best friend! We have the rehearsal dinner tonight and then the festivities tomorrow. We are all hoping that the rain holds off as they are having an outdoor ceremony - but it will be a fun time regardless.

Congrats JS & RN (aka Clive Owen)!!

Photo 1: Found when I entered the blog title into a google images search. More great shots at the source.

Photo 2: my own personal shot of the lovely couple :)


Ali said...

How did the hair hold up in the bike ride? I want to see more pics!!

caroldes7 said...

Hope Jill and Ryan has a fabulous wedding day!!!! Wishing the newlyweds the best of everything!!!!