Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bachlorette Party: Decorations

I really wanted to make a fabric flag for the party, but didn't start on it early enough and ran out of time. Oh well - I think the decorations turned out pretty well! My inspiration for the decorations came from the following four blog posts (well, there actually were a lot more, but I thought I would only share four):
Oh Joy! - Loved this fabric flower garland, did not want to pay $65 per strand, but couldn't really make these either.

Two Ellie - More flower garland!

Weekend Host: BEAUTIFUL party. I didn't really aim to be this extravagant, but loved the pics!

Absolutely Beautiful Things: I started saving bottles after seeing posts like this.

So in lieu of the fabric flags, I made flower garland! I bought 3 stems of pink and white flowers from the craft store, cut the blossoms off from the stem, grabbed a needle & thread and started stringing. This is a great project to do while watching TV! YOu have to tie a knot around each blossom so that they stay in place. I strung as many garlands as I could with the blossoms, and then hung them from the trees in our front yard, from the pergola and some inside the house as well. Nate thought I was crazy but people loved them!

We set up tables in the front yard underneath the flower garland and used a variety of pink and brown cloth napkins that I had collected over the years as tablecloths. The centerpieces featured my saved bottle collection, wrapped in different papers and holding a variety of flowers, including gerbera daisies which are the bridesmaid bouquets and centerpiece flowers for the wedding.

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture after the tables were all set up!

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