Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bachelorette Party: The Favors!

My new sewing machine came with a zipper foot, so I really wanted to make something with a zipper. I thought it would be fun to make makeup bags for favors for the party a while back. I didn't find a very great tutorial online so I made my own. You can download the PDF file here and make your own!

Here are the bags, in a variety of shapes and sizes!

The bags needed a tag so I found some free downloadable label (featuring pink, of course), printed them on cardstock and tied them to the zipper with some pink raffia.

THEN..BLK had a bunch of Mary Kay samples so we divided them up to go with the bags. FUN! I think each woman really liked their stash!

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Ali said...

I don't know what a zipper foot is, but I want one! (Wait, I cannot sew). I think you should find some sort of contest to put in your B party ideas and "deliverables." If the actual event lives up to the decorations, it must have been SO FUN!!!