Monday, August 31, 2009

Wedding Weekend!

BUSY weekend...

Our car is now fixed. We had it towed to the repair shop on Thursday night and they were able to fix it by Friday afternoon so we could pick it up before we left town for the weekend. Apparently there was some sort of computer glitch where the ignition was no longer "talking" to the fuel pump. Seriously. $170 later and they are talking again. I hope we don't have to continue paying for their therapy!

After picking up the car Friday afternoon we headed to Kiel, WI for the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. After round 1 of the wedding festivities, Nate & I headed back to FDL to stay with my mom. We woke up bright and early to have breakfast with my family on my uncle's farm. Everyone was preparing for the big thresheree - a day of taking it back to the old school way of farming. We had breakfast and then I had to pick up the ladies to head back to the resort where the reception was being held so we could spend the day relaxing and getting ready with the bride.

Here I am with the Best Man:

Our necklaces were a gift from the bride and I bought a bagful of hair accessories to try since I wasn't really sure what to do with me new 'do. The winner was the headband from Banana Republic.

The weather forecast was not looking very positive for an outdoor wedding; however, the rain held off until right after the backyard ceremony was done! Wedding done at 4:20...Rain started at 4:22. The wedding was beautiful and I'm pretty sure a GREAT time was had by all. Congrats to the new couple!

Nate & I rented a condo at the resort with J&BK and CP & SG and we hosted an impromptu after party after the wedding. I did something to my foot while dancing at the after party and am still hobbling around. Yesterday morning we woke up and headed to the hot tub overlooking the lake with our coffee. Nate & I then headed home and stopped at the worst restaurant we have ever been to. We spent the rest of yesterday lounging around the house and icing my foot!

We only have one more wedding left in 2009!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bikes & Weddings

When I originally got my bike, I planned on biking to work two days a week. Of course it pretty much decided to rain almost every day since then and that goal went out the window. Well, due to the fact that we are down to one car, I biked to work with a slight rainy mist today. It wasn't too bad! This was my second day of biking to work and I think I like it. The time to get from my front door to in my office is actually less with biking since I have to park pretty far away from my building. The one drawback is that I get pretty hot on the bike ride so I bike in workout clothes and change when I get to work. This seems to do the trick.

After our car was towed away to the repair shop last night, I also had to bike to my pedicure appointment, which thankfully is near our neighborhood so I was not sweaty/gross upon arrival. And now I have pretty feet for the weekend's events...the wedding of my best friend! We have the rehearsal dinner tonight and then the festivities tomorrow. We are all hoping that the rain holds off as they are having an outdoor ceremony - but it will be a fun time regardless.

Congrats JS & RN (aka Clive Owen)!!

Photo 1: Found when I entered the blog title into a google images search. More great shots at the source.

Photo 2: my own personal shot of the lovely couple :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Damn Car!

Last night, Nate pulled our Grand Am in the driveway, half into the garage to unload the meat. He went back out to move the car entirely into the garage and it wouldn't start. I am presently waiting for a tow truck to take it to the nearest car repair shop. UGH! I hate car repairs, and even more so when they are extra inconvenient like having to wait for a tow truck. Thank goodness we renewed out AAA so the towing will be free!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today was the hair show! In true Amy fashion the minute I woke up this morning I rolled over to wake Nate up and said, "How does it feel to be sleeping with a model?" Ha ha ha. I am so funny at 7 AM.

My Before Shot:

The hair show was more intimate than I thought it was going to be. Mr. Haircut himself was very gregarious and nice. The attendees actually got their picture taken with him so he must be somewhat of a celebrity in the hairstyling world.

It was strange to get my haircut in front of a whole group in a hotel conference room. Throughout the cut, style and remainder of the show, I wasn't able to see what was going on. During my initial consult (before the show) I confessed that I actually really loved my current hairstyle. He said that it was good but that he wanted to shape it more to show off my eyes and take away from the longness of my face (which I couldn't wait to tell my sister since we always make fun of my long p---- face).

I also couldn't believe how quickly he cut my hair. He didn't check to see if the sides were even (they are) or anything. He was a little like Edward Scissorshands with this fancy swivel scissors.

Here is the after:

They styled it so that my bangs were more side swept but basically i still have them! phew! The back is shaped much nicer and isn't so heavy. Overall - i have my same haircut, just improved! The nice bag of product samples was a good perk as well :)

Today was also a landmark day because Nate picked up our cow from the butcher! Check out all of this beef:

And here Nate is conducting a 3rd grade science experiment with the dry ice:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why We Love the Family Reunion

My sister and I love this family reunion (my great-grandmother's family on my dad's side of the fam). We wear our neon colored 90s style t-shirts with pride and offered to bring my bedazzler to the next reunion to style them up a bit for the other ladies in the crew. This picture pretty much sums up the fun.

Love me some free samples

I just received my latest BzzAgent kit in the mail for Burts Bees new line of Natural Acne Solutions.

In the BzzKit I received 9 samples of their spot treatment to give away. If you are interested, please leave a comment with your email address so that I can contact you to get your address to send you one. Clearly, the first 9 people that comment (if there even are that many people that read this) will get them.

For more on Burts Bees Natural Acne Solutions click here.

For more on Bzzagent click BzzAgent (sign up - you get to test out free stuff!).


Unfortunately we had to cancel our gathering at the lake on Saturday as our weather was nice...for October in WI. So Nate & I packed up for an impromptu trip to Chicago. We made a trip to Ikea, The Needle Shop and shopping in Lincoln Park and met my old roommate, Shira, for lunch in Lincoln Square. It was a fun time. On our way to Chicago, we were invited to have dinner with Wade, Holly & Alex. Alex and I wore matching outfits - Holly has a picture here.

Sunday we headed to FDL for my family reunion. My grandfather's side of the family has this reunion every other year and it is fun. Once upon a time they made these crazy screenprinted t-shirts for them and my sister and I purchased the remaining two at the last reunion. We were excited to break them out on Sunday.

Sunday night we watched Mad Men and went to bed. I woke up in a cold sweat at about midnight and spent the next two hours in the bathroom or on the bathroom floor. Nate made a run to Walgreens for me at about 1:49. Needless to say I was out of it yesterday and spent the entire day in one position in my bed. ICK. I haven't been that sick in a long time! Nate & I were pretty convinced that it was food poisoning (because we have so much medical experience and all!). I am back to being bipedal today...for the moment at least.

Friday, August 21, 2009


I was happy to watch the season premiere of Project Runway last night. Although it seems there are even more drama queens this season than in the past, if that's possible. People were ALREADY crying on episode one. This may be a long haul!

I also put together and finalized my "lovely package" for the lovely package exchange hosted by D at Oh, Hello Friend. The packages have to be mailed out by tomorrow. I really think i did a good job with my package and hope AN, the recipient, enjoys it as well. I will fill you in on the details of the package I sent and the package I receive as soon as both of us get our packages. I can't wait!!

Then, we sort of have an open weekend.

We were going to have a few friends to Nate's family lake house tomorrow but it is going to be cold and possibly rain. YUK. SO, we might go to Chicago instead. We'll see!

Sunday we have my family reunion. Always a fun time :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

This is going to be fun.

I just received my "instructions" for the hair show on Wednesday!

I have to wear all black or a neutral color and can do my own makeup but need to bring it along for touch ups. The whole thing is scheduled to take an hour and a half and they are reserving a seat for Nate-O!

Six more days!

10 things I am loving right now

1. Rick Bayless won Top Chef Masters!! Here is a great personal Bayless story if you are new to the blog.

2. Project Runway returns tonight! I am anxious to see if the move from Bravo to Lifetime will change anything. There also is a 2-hour special BEFORE the acutal season premiere bringing back 8 designers from previous season for a master challenge.

3. Leinenkugels Summer Shandy. I thought it might be a while before I could enjoy a beer after Saturday's debauchery but the Shandy is just too good to pass up.

4. Goodwill. I have always been a fan but Liz and I went last Friday and looked through almost every single rack and had a good laugh at some of the fashions. We found this sweet silver sequined sheath dress (with the tags and extra sequins still attached!) for $6.99 that I had to have. Not sure if there ever is an appropriate occasion to show up in a silver sequined sheath, but if nothing else, I will be a disco dancing zombie for Halloween (Liz's idea).

5. Gold jewelry. As in yellow gold. All of the jewelry on this site and this necklace.

6. Craftig! If it's a craft, you will find it here.

7. Embroidery hoops with fabric as decoration. See here.

8. The Kings of Leon Only by the Night

9. The September Fashion issues have arrived!!

10. This Colette pattern that I just purchased. Let's see if I actually make the dress! Today you can get 20% off Colette patterns thanks to the Frolic Blog by entering frolic20 in coupon code area.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


For the Milwaukee Sewing Club, our last project was the Anna Mae Clutch. (Our fearless leader, Karen, is in the process of making patterns for sale. This was her first attempt. The pattern will soon be available to the public at her website) I missed the last meeting due to a work function, so I played catch up during the work meeting we had this week.

I made the clutch out of the ZaZu Petals fabric in Raspberry to match my bridesmaid dress for JS & RN's wedding next weekend - only 10 more days to go!

Our dresses are a raspberry/magenta color from the JCrew Line:

I may be biased because I used JCrew dresses for my own wedding, but I personally love them as you truly can "wear them again". I have worn the green dress from A&EH's wedding countless times and my sister even borrowed it for Homecoming. Unfortunatley I don't think they make the Emma style anymore. And let's be honest, these puppies are ALWAYS on sale!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beef. It's What's For Dinner...for the Next Year of our Lives

A few months ago, we decided to purchase and share a half cow with our friends B&LB. The farmer is one of their friends. We got the call today that our cow is at the processor. We then had to decide how we wanted our meat - we are getting a variety of steaks and roasts, stew meat, short ribs and ground beef. We decided to pass on the liver and tongue, although for a moment I thought about it and how I could find something in Mastering the Art of French Cooking to do with it.

It should be ready Friday or early next week and we will finally get to plug in our deep freezer that my dad bought us two years ago for a housewarming gift. So folks, chances are if you are coming over for dinner in the next year, we will be serving some sort of organically raised red meat (unless of course your diet is not agreeable to that)!

Photo Source

Vintage Knits

Sunday afternoon/evening we helped Nate's Grandma E sort through some things in her basement. One of the things I got to take home with me was a stack of old knitting patterns and magazines she had. I really hope to make a bunch of the stuff because it is just so classic!!!
How Mad Men is this?! I told GE that I wanted to look just like this woman. She just laughed:

There is a whole book section of "campus fashions" including a pattern for the Campus Hero and the Campus Doll. I told Nate I now knew what he was getting for Christmas!

She signed her name on some of them too. I am very very excited about this gift!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Owner of a New/Used Bike

I have a bike! Now, it is nothing fancy - i actually bought it from a neighbor last Thursday evening and ended up biking home in my white eyelet skirt. Do you know how hard it is to bike in a skirt?! I bought a helmet on Friday and planned to bike to work today. Then it rained. So into the Murano I went. Perhaps tomorrow I will bike to work. I must admit I am slightly nervous about doing this, as the route to work isn't very bike friendly.

I plan on using the bike to determine if I even like biking. If so, then I will have to upgrade from the neighbor's used bike. Now Nate & I can go on bike rides!

Photo 1 Source
Photo 2 Source

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Bachelorette Party: Decorations Pics!

BLK came through with some decorations pictures! Thanks!!
The makeup bags and samples


Inside heart banner

Bachlorette Party: Decorations

I really wanted to make a fabric flag for the party, but didn't start on it early enough and ran out of time. Oh well - I think the decorations turned out pretty well! My inspiration for the decorations came from the following four blog posts (well, there actually were a lot more, but I thought I would only share four):
Oh Joy! - Loved this fabric flower garland, did not want to pay $65 per strand, but couldn't really make these either.

Two Ellie - More flower garland!

Weekend Host: BEAUTIFUL party. I didn't really aim to be this extravagant, but loved the pics!

Absolutely Beautiful Things: I started saving bottles after seeing posts like this.

So in lieu of the fabric flags, I made flower garland! I bought 3 stems of pink and white flowers from the craft store, cut the blossoms off from the stem, grabbed a needle & thread and started stringing. This is a great project to do while watching TV! YOu have to tie a knot around each blossom so that they stay in place. I strung as many garlands as I could with the blossoms, and then hung them from the trees in our front yard, from the pergola and some inside the house as well. Nate thought I was crazy but people loved them!

We set up tables in the front yard underneath the flower garland and used a variety of pink and brown cloth napkins that I had collected over the years as tablecloths. The centerpieces featured my saved bottle collection, wrapped in different papers and holding a variety of flowers, including gerbera daisies which are the bridesmaid bouquets and centerpiece flowers for the wedding.

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture after the tables were all set up!

Bachelorette Party: The Favors!

My new sewing machine came with a zipper foot, so I really wanted to make something with a zipper. I thought it would be fun to make makeup bags for favors for the party a while back. I didn't find a very great tutorial online so I made my own. You can download the PDF file here and make your own!

Here are the bags, in a variety of shapes and sizes!

The bags needed a tag so I found some free downloadable label (featuring pink, of course), printed them on cardstock and tied them to the zipper with some pink raffia.

THEN..BLK had a bunch of Mary Kay samples so we divided them up to go with the bags. FUN! I think each woman really liked their stash!

Bachelorette Party: The Invitations

I didn't really "discover" blogs until after I got married (which probably is a good thing because I would have been up to my ears in DIY projects) and many of the blogs I read feature very fun ideas for parties, weddings, etc. I was very excited to help plan and host my best friend's bachelorette party and use up some of my starred Google Reader items. Therefore, you will get the play by play of some of the planning facets! I now want to add party planner to my long list of dream jobs.

Let's start with the invitations.
Invitations: Semi-Homemade
There really aren't a lot of unique bachelorette party invitations out there. The only ones that I liked were the ones that were used for my own bachelorette party, planned by JS, so I couldn't very well use the same ones for her! I found some general party invitations at Target that were fun and colorful and featured different drink recipes on them. They also came with matching stickers. Unfortunatley, they were the fill-in variety and didn't have a lot of extra room for the details of the day so I created maps and separate cards using the stickers and cardstock so that they all coordinated. I used some of my scrapbooking paper to create a band to go around all of the paper that featured the colors of the wedding: pink & brown. I found these fun envelope wrappers that also had pink & brown on them as well. I was very pleased with how they turned out!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

We have a new throne

Last night we got a new toilet seat! This is our second new toilet seat since moving in. Nate somehow broke it while leaning his hand on it while bending over to wash his hair in the tub post haircut last night. So, it was off to Target we went to get a new one before the big bachelorette party this weekend. I don't think you fall into the "good host category" if you have to force your guests to hover on your toilet!

We also found some new prints for the living room, which after we hang them, will receive a "DONE" stamp.

And if that weren't enough to make for a busy night, I was sewing up a storm. I made 3 pairs of Schlocks, a pouch for my mom's bicycle to hold her keys and cell phone and I finished up some favors for the bachelorette party this weekend.

Did I mention that JS's big bachelorette extravaganza is this weekend? I think we all are excited for a girls' night out on the town! I have a few things to finish up tonight and tomorrow and then next week's posts will be recapping the event and will feature a downloadable tutorial! Tonight my goddaughter and cousin, Liz, is coming over and will help me with some of the final touches. I have off tomorrow and my Jo-Ann's coupons arrived in the mail yesterday so I'm sure we'll have a few crafts up our sleeves!

Oh! and I have officially decided to do the hair show!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Really, people have more serious problems than this, but I am not sure what to do in this situation:

A friend is a stylist at a local salon (the salon is consistently reviewed as one of the top to visit in the area). My friend is doing a hair show at the end of August and this top stylist from Canada is coming and taking one appointment and wants someone with shorter hair. My friend asked me if I would like to do it! She noted that several of her colleagues have received a haircut from this guy and it was the best haircut they ever received.

PROS: Likely an awesome haircut, free products (oh, I am such a sucker for free things), fun experience

CONS: I really like my current haircut. I guess he does do a private consult before the show, so I wouldn't totally be turning it over to him...but....a tiny part of me is nervous. I keep telling myself it sort of would be like I was on one of those fun makeover shows like What Not to Wear, ha ha ha.


BlogRoll: The Fashion & Gossip Folder

The fashion & gossip folder is fun! I have found that I really like when people post pictures of their outfits. Some of the blogs below have this feature. Most of these blogs are more photographic - you don't necessarily "read" them, or they don't feature a lot of text.

A Cup of Jo

Go Fug Yourself

Bricks & Stones

Design Dig


I am a Greedy Girl

Pretty Bourgeois

The Cut: NY Magazine's Fashion Blog

The Sartorialist

Cupcakes & Cashemere

Trust Your Style

What I Wore

BlogRoll: The Cooking Folder

Here are the blogs in my google reader's Cooking folder.

30 Bucks a Week This couple blogs about their experiences trying to keep their food budget at or under $30/week.

Bitten Oh Bitty...

Cast Sugar This woman was one of my first non-friend or family commenters. She has some great recipes!

Chez Pim Yummy sounding and looking recipes, but I've never made anything from here.

fresh365 This may be my favorite of the cooking blogs. I think the recipes are good, easy and the photography is mouth-watering.

Hostess with the Mostess A good source if you ever have to host an event - baby shower, wedding shower, bachelorette party, etc.

Raising Foodies I actually read the author's other blog (which is how I heard about this one). I'm not really raising any foodies, unless you count my husband and myself, but often there are some good recipes.

The Gourmet Project Similar to Julie & Julia, the author posts about her experiences trying to cook her way through The Gourmet Cookbook - complete with a rating scale and everything!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BlogRoll: The Friends

We had book club last night, and discussed Farm City. Everyone in attendance liked the book! We started talking about blogs at one point and I realized that I have not updated my blog list in a really long time - mostly because I am heavily reliant on Google Reader to read blogs, and people's sidebar items do not show up on that. In the coming days I will post all of the blogs in my Google Reader categories (yes, I cateogorized my Google Reader, by now you should know I'm a little neurotic and a little dorky).

The first category I am going to list is Friends. These are blogs of people I have personally known at some point in the past couple of years. I like it because there is a little representation from the ATL (or people I met in the ATL), a little CHI-town love and some MKE goodness as well.

Here we go:
ARTwork This is my sister's blog, which she hasn't updated in a really long time, but features her artwork. Love her self portraits!

Appelt Adventures The blog of Christopher, Kristina (an old book club friend), and their newest addition, Nathaniel.

Chris & Erica The blog of Chris & Erica (duh!), who used to room with my BF JS.

It's All About Sarah The new blog of Frank & Carol, friends from the ATL, and their newest addition, Sarah.

Little LITTLE Miles Linus (and Kilo!) The blog of another friend from ATL, Alison, and her adventures with her hubby, baby Miles and baby kilo on the way!

MmMmTasty: A Foodie Mom Cooks with her Kids The blog of Nicole, whom I used to fill-in babysit for her daugher joined by a sister AND a brother!

More of the Same The blog of Maura, whom I met through Alison (see Little Little Miles Linus. Maura features some kick butt mixes to download each month!

OldMDGirl The blog of S, whom I used to work with in Chicago, and frequent commenter. You will get a kick out of her stories of life in the medical school/PhD program world.

The Silkys' Blog The Blog of Silky Jess, friend from the ATL, featuring life with her hubby Jason and their daughter Ella.

Toadfrogs & Elephants Holly's blog featuring her hubby Wade and their son Alex and a whole bunch of other stuff, including home renovations. Holly is a recent friend from MKE!!

A Life Less Ordinary The blog of Emily, and the only person I ever met through blogs! Another blog I read featured Emily's blog on MKE and I started reading, Emily joined the book club and voila!

In This Instance features the blog of Tara, a former bookclub friend from CHI.

And finally,
Crazy Eights The blog of R, featuring her beautiful family of, you guessed it, 8! R & I (along with Carol, Ali & Jess above) were in grad school together.

I must also give a shout out to JT, my friend and children's book illustrator, whose newest illustrations appear in this book, out today!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

You may have noticed in our state fair pictures: I have bangs!

I am loving my new haircut. I went in yesterday morning planning to get a trim and there was a woman in the waiting area with this hair. I approached her, told her I loved her hair and asked her if she would mind going to my stylist with me. She graciously said sure. So my stylist came out, I told her, "i want that hair" and pointed to the woman. My stylist went through my model and then gave me the 'do, with a little more bang action. So thank you Ms. Mysterious Girl with the Great Hair in the EoN Waiting Room! Today I had a bridal shower and someone said, "It's very Thoroughly Modern Millie". Fun!

Speaking of Broadway shows, our Phantom Friday was wonderful! First, the Metro Bar had a special Julia Child menu, likely because the Julie & Julia movie came out! I had escargot, coq au vin and some chocolate souffle with vanilla creme. It was delish! Nate shared my escargot and souffle and then had the salmon for his main entree. Phantom was...wondeful. I can't even think about a word to describe how much I loved it and I feel my eyes welling up even trying to recall it. I of course was sobbing at the end - not a great night to try out a smoky eye, let me tell you! Thankfully I was able to clear the dark smears off my cheeks and make it to the parking lot. The soundtrack has been playing non-stop in our home and in our cars. :) The show was great - we had an AMAZING Phantom and a powerhouse of a Christine. Our Raoul could have been better, but we might be a little picky. LOVED it, I tell you!

We Love the Fair!

Yesterday we went to the Wisconsin State Fair. Even though it was around 90 degrees outside, we stayed for over SIX hours, we were having so much fun.

First we went through the WI Foods Pavillion and had a savory lamb sandwich, honey ice cream and maple cotton candy. The woman working behind the lamb counter told me I looked like Winona Ryder. It started the day off on a good foot, even if she was just trying to butter me up to buy more lamb! We also talked to the chef who made the yummy lamb sandwiches and he is going to send us the recipe for the savory sauce!

After the initial food, we went to see the livestock. I was in love with the pigs:

They were squealing up a storm during their judging. I also thought the sheep were really cute - they all were wearing these hood type things to keep their coats clean for the judging. Of course I didn't automatically know this so I asked one of the sheep farmers about it - he seemed very annoyed that I didn't know this, but oh well.

After all of the livestock, we needed more food. It was time to get a little crazy - we went to the Herb Kohl Milk Farm where you could get a nice tall glass of milk for 25 cents. AND the milk could be banana, cherry vanilla, strawberry, root beer or chocolate flavored. This is one of Nate's favorite parts of the fair:

We opted to try the banana, root beer and chocolate varieties. You can see how hot it was by how sweaty Nate is in this picture:

Then I got a CREAM PUFF! (You can sort of see my new 'do)

We also had rye-battered, deep-fried swiss cheese ON A STICK which we ate with some real German dark mustard. DELISH!

Then came the line for this year's culinary delight - the chocolate covered bacon:

We both ate it and it was pretty good. I actually didn't taste much bacon - it mostly tasted very chocolatey to me.

We then headed to the lumberjills show - basically really ripped women who can do impressive feats with axes and chainsaws and log rolling. After the lumberjills it was off to the racing pigs!

The pigs raced around the course for cheetos. Try as I might I jumped up and down to become the pig queen, but another woman three people over from me in my row was selected. SHUCKS!

As you can imagine, part of the fun of the fair is all of the people watching. The bump-its women were all over the place doing fair-goers hair with the bump it to try to sell them so we had a fun time picking out all of the bumpit women. The L'Oreal tent featured a bunch of makeup and hair samples (and seemed REALLY out of place, but we still went). They had this black light thing you stuck your face in and they would show you all of your aging signs. I was happy I didn't have any...thank goodness for all of those eye cream samples!

We wrapped up the evening watching a neil diamond impersonator dance on picnic tables. By this time we were delirious from all the activity and the heat:


Friday, August 7, 2009

Keepin' it in the fam

My sister decided to purchase our old couch and she and her roommate came yesterday to pick it up!! Woohoo for getting it out of our living room and woohoo for keepin' it in the fam. Now I can always go visit her apt on the east side if I ever miss that old beast.

I found this old photo while scanning an old snapfish account recently and it made me laugh. This was five years ago when we decided it would be really cool to make the cat a matching collar and paw cuff.

The Music of the Night


We have quite a fun weekend ahead of us beginning with date night tonight! It has been a while since Nate & I hung out with just each other - we are having dinner at Metro Bar & Cafe followed by The Phantom of the Opera!!!!! I LOVE Phantom....well, I LOVE the Phantom Original London Cast Recording. I actually have never been to the show, and the movie was only ok for me because the singing was not up to par with the original broadway cast. I anticipate a lot of singing to occur over the weekend, ha ha ha.

Tomorrow we are going to the Wisconsin State Fair. Nate is very very very VERY excited - he loves the State Fair. I myself have never been to it, despite growing up here! Apparently the food is the main show at the Fair and Nate already has many of the food stops planned. One of the most talked about food thus far is chocolate covered bacon, which I guess made the news in FL (where my in-laws are right now). I love chocolate and I LOVE bacon, so I'm eager to try it.

Speaking of chocolate, my mom, aunt JM & I went to Diva night a few nights ago and had a wonderful dessert - chocolate ice cream with a little of the New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red poured over it. We loved it so I bought a carton of Oberweiss Chocolate Ice Cream and a bottle of the Belgian Red for my dessert for investment club last night. YUM! Unfortunately, I'm not sure how available WI Belgian Red is to those of you not here in WI...another reason to visit our great state!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Now that would be a project to tackle...

Holy Cats! Check out this handmade wedding dress that a woman made

It can be yours (if you are a size 4 and looking for a wedding dress) for $400 on etsy.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Book Club: Farm City

Now that Swaptree has replaced the "Book It" part of this blog, I am going to post on our book club selections instead. "Book It" becomes "Book Club"

Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer was the book selected for the August meeting of our book club. This book made Oprah's "25 Books You Can't Put Down" list. I'm not much of an Oprah fan so that didn't really make me excited to read this book. You may remember my 'eh' feeling about Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, which I read earlier this year. I was not about to read another tale of a writer singing the praises of growing food in a state of bucolic bliss.

I am happy to post that this book exceeded my expectations.

I really liked this book. First, it was funny. Second, she made (a lot) of mistakes which were also funny. Third, I thought her tale was honest and non-preachy. I don't often like non-fiction, but this read like fiction and had a great cast of characters...some of them human, some animal. I can't really say that I identified with the author or her lifestyle - I am not about to raise two pigs in our yard and go dumpster diving on a nightly basis for their food - but I did sort of idolize her by the end. If you at all get into this ever-growing genre of "i raised my food and wrote a book about it", I recommend this one. I'm anxious to hear what our other club members thought!

Great Fun...Cheesy Name

Tonight, if you live near Wauwatosa and you are female (or want to hang around a lot of females), you should check out Diva Night. My mom, aunt and I went last year and had a lot of fun. Of course snacks and beverages at many stores don't hurt :) We hopefully will be making a repeat appearance tonight!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aveda Hand Cream Sample!

I love Aveda's Hand Cream - and if you click Join Aveda's Birthday Program you can print out a coupon for a free sample size for yourself!


Check out my new (old) cocktail ring! It is from the estate jewelry section of my father-in-law's store and I love it!

My FIL also came home from NYC with these pearls:

I was so excited I wore them with my pajamas (as shown above) all night.

New Couches!

Our new couches have arrived! Our window was between 2 and 5 yesterday. I am not normally home at this time so I don't know if this is normal but there were a lot of large sounding trucks driving on our street causing me to jump up and look out the window almost every 5 minutes! At 3:30, the magic furniture truck arrrived.

Our living room is a bit of a disaster right now - we have both the new couch and loveseat and the old couch in there. As Nate says, it looks like a college dorm room. On top of that, we were trying to move pictures around from other rooms of the house and change up the accessories for a good portion of the night.

I also don't think these photograph particularly well. I have noticed that about a lot of things in our house actually - things look different in person. Clearly I don't have skillz as a photog.

Hopefully we can get the old couch out of there soon!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Audrey Tatou's 'Do

I am loving Audrey Tatou's 'do for the Coco Chanel movie. I have a haircut appointment on Saturday morning. I don't think I am this brave...but I'm considering it.