Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Time Travel

Another busy summer weekend is over. We headed to my hometown after work on Friday night and stayed with my mom for the weekend. We had a few beers and some wine with her after she whipped up a quick shrimp scampi for dinner, and then went over to BLK's mom's house to have a few birthday beers with her.

Saturday we went with my mom to the Main Street Days sale and I got some great fabric for I don't know what yet :) Saturday afternoon we got ready to go to my 10 year high school class reunion. We had a fabulous time and got home around 3 the next morning! A couple of caveats: 1) I went to a really small private school - my graduating class was only about 80 people. 2) Our class generally got along well; and 3) I am still very good friends with many of them. 3 of my best friends are from high school.

So really, this was like partying with several of my friends! It was really fun to see where those people that I haven't talked to since graduation are at in their lives over nacho bar and beers :) We ended the night having a Michael Jackson dance-a-thon, partying like it was still 1999.

Sunday, my sister had planned on making us all lunch so we had some QT with my mom and siblings before heading to the lake for my mother-in-law's birthday dinner. We were under the impression we were celebrating this Tuesday night so I haven't quite finished her gift, but will post it when I am done!!

Tonight we have the first book club meeting at my place, which I am looking forward to!

Here are some pics from the reunion:

And, a pic of the frenchy bag I made for BLK, who is posing with the Snuggie her sister bought her for her birthday - lucky duck ha ha ha.

BTW, I did have BLK's permission to use this photo :)

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