Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our yard in bloom

A couple of weeks ago, Old MD Girl requested some photos of our plants in the comment section of a post. I finally got around to taking some last night.

Here is my favorite garden area of our yard - in between our house and garage:

Right now is the peak bloom time for every plant here, so it is beautiful!

I am very excited that the bees also love this garden!

Our tomatoes are looking good:

Our mint is out of control (seriously if anyone around here wants some, let me know!):

Our front/side yards are more green than colorful - they are more of a springtime bloom. However, we still have a few blooms:

And check out our Grandpa Ott Morning Glory beginning to climb:

We got the seeds for the morning glory from Nate's family reunion last spring. Ott is Nate's Maternal Grandmother's name so they passed out seeds as a favor - cute! I'm glad ours grew!

And finally, my mom and aunt made these concrete-type planters and look at the great cactus that is in mine:

So those are our plants! I can't keep a houseplant alive to save my life (although that is getting better) but somehow, outdoor plants like me!

I also have to give MAD props to Nate-O who has been working every night finishing random little projects around the house: he installed those magnetic door things on our pantry so that the doors would stay shut; he rehung one of the pantry doors that was slighly crooked, he retextured and painted areas of the walls that needed it and touched up trim paint where needed. Seriously, if this stuff were up to me, it would never get done!


BCK said...

Imagine photo 1 will flag banner. It would be really cute.

Old MD Girl said...

It looks amazing! We always see pictures of the inside of your house. I had no idea you had this beautiful garden too.

Silky Jess said...

So, as it turns out, Nate and I may be related. My mother's maiden name is Ott! I will have to get my Nana going on this genealogy case.

The gardens look great.

caroldes7 said...

Yowsa! Your yard looks fabulous!!!!