Friday, July 31, 2009

No Couch, Adjunct Faculty, Beet Greens and Wabeno...More randomness coming your way!

The sofa & loveseat are actually getting delivered on Monday. Unfortunately the delivery window that they called us with last night was right when I had my interview for the teaching position I posted with. I didn't think that it would be a great start to a new job if I called to reschedule on account of furniture! I can now add "adjunct faculty at --- Univ" to my resume though! I already have my photo ID - which you cannot see the crater that sprouted on my chin, so that's great! ha ha ha

Now..for the beet leaves...I read in Joy of Cooking that they can be prepared like chard so that is how I prepared them. I sauteed the stems in a bit of garlic, chili pepper flakes and olive oil and then added the coarsely chopped leaves. When all was tender I drizzled some red wine vinegar on them. They were VERY GOOD. I highly reccomend. We ate them plain to try them, and then mixed them in with our Kashi Rice Pilaf. I see many beets and beet greens in our future!

We are headed to the great up nort' WI this weekend with some of Nate's college buddies, including TS, whom I haven't seen since my CHI-town days. I'm excited...although a little nervous about what debauchery may ensue.


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chacha said...

Congratulations on your new teaching gig - that will definitely look pretty nice on your resume. And you really can't beat the supplemental income (one the reasons I continue teaching yoga).