Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Phat Pfaff

Yesterday was a glorious day: I got a new sewing machine!! My mom bought me my first sewing machine, the Janome Jem, a year and a half ago for my birthday. The Jem is a portable, compact machine that is great for very basic things, and a great machine to learn on. Unfortunately, I was acquiring more and more projects that I couldn't do with my machine. Nate suggested that I use my Schlocks money to get a new machine.

I started looking at new machines. Wowsa. I did not realize how expensive sewing machines could get! Here in MKE, Bigsby's Sewing is a good place to look at a variety. However, I haven't sold THAT many Schlocks, so I started perusing Craigslist. Lo and behold I came across someone selling their Pfaff Creative 7510. After several emails, I went to see the machine yesterday, cash in hand. But let me back up a bit. I never have cash and rarely use the ATM - since Nate works at our bank, he usually just will bring me home money. I went to use the ATM at work yesterday to withdraw funds and it was telling me that I couldn't withdraw the total amount. I then realized that we had a limit on how much can be withdrawn in one day. A quick call to Nate, a hike BACK to the ATM and I had my funds.

The transaction went down in the parking lot of the seller's husband's work. SOLD! I had my new machine! Apparently the seller had two other machines that she used on a regular basis and this was her backup. Someday, I hope I have a backup sewing machine worth over $900!

This is quite the upgrade from my Jem. 99 stitches vs. 12. 4 different feet, including a zipper foot! And a computerized stitch changer! You can even program patterns into this thing! (not that I know how to do that yet!) I think I even let out a scream when I realized there is a monogramming feature!! EVERYONE is getting monogrammed towels for Christmas this year, ha ha ha. It is also much quieter than my Jem, which allows my husband to watch Paris Hilton, My New BFF.

I started a new project right away, which I will give more details about after this weekend.

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caroldes7 said...

Wow! This sounds awesome! Congrats! V. cool about the monogramming feature, too!