Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Lotus Dress

So I want to make this dress:

I wonder if I will have an amazing fun time wearing it that the woman in the picture appears to by having. I think the pattern is cool becuase you can actually make a variety of things from it: a sleeveless shirt, a cap-sleeved shirt, a sleeveless dress, a cap-sleeve dress, a tunic. Finny Knits posted a recap of making the dress, that is quite funny. I feel like I might be in an Amy Butler rut, but I really do like her stuff and her patterns are very easy to use. I have used two patterns (from Butterick I think) that were "EZ SEW" that caused me to drink wine, curse, and have Nate try to interpret. I think I'll stick with my Amy Butler rut :)

BUT...before I embark on this, I need to finish my hot pink linen skirt. Before I finish that skirt, I need to get tracing paper. I also need to get a new sewing machine needle since Nigella didn't seem to get along well with Pfaff.

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Old MD Girl said...

The dress looks cute. Your blog makes me want to make things, but I am sure I would give up in a hissy fit of frustration and throw everything across my floor (scratching it). I'm impressed.