Monday, July 27, 2009

I Heart Vacation

Happy Monday!! The exuberance with which I say that is coming from a very well rested Amy back from a wonderful four day vacation!!!

We left Wednesday afternoon in the Murano. This was such a good decision as it was way more comfortable than the Grand Am was (granted we put on less than 1/3 of the miles we did last fall, but still). We stayed over with a friend in Chicago on Wednesday night and left EARLY Thursday morning to get onward to Cleveland.

No offense to anyone who is from Cleveland, but I really wasn't expecting much. What was I basing this opinion on? Absolutely nothing. And it turns out that I was way wrong - we had a fantastic time exploring a few of the neighborhoods like Little Italy, Tremont and Ohio City as well as some of the downtown sections like the Warehouse District and East 4th Street. We were also very happy with our food in Cleveland - We had lunch on Thursday at Trattoria on the Hill in Little Italy followed by a canoli and butter cookies at Presti's Bakery. That night we had GREAT food at The Greenhouse Tavern where we found that my FAVORITE breakfast that Nate makes me was actually an item on their menu - pommes frites with poached eggs and black pepper. They also had a fabulous St. Germain cocktail with lemon vodka, cucumber and mint that was heavenly.

The West Side Market also had many great food options for lunch on Friday!

While in Cleveland, we didn't just eat (although it sort of still feels like it!). We visited the Garfield Crypt & Monument in Lakeview Cemetary. It was very beautiful:

We also went to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

If you are rock music fan and love memorabilia, the Hall of Fame is awesome - we both enjoyed it a lot.

After a full 24 hours in Cleveland, we headed to New Buffalo, Michigan for some R&R. New Buffalo is a beautiful town, and reminded us of Kennebunkport. Our B&B was fabulous and we definitely recommend it. While in New Buffalo, we continued to eat and eat and eat. Our first stop was the Bentwood Tavern where we saw Dennis Farina, who I recognized from my obsession with Law & Order. Nate, being a fan of the movie, also recognized him from Snatch. Here is our stalker picture of him (look to the left of my hand):

Saturday we spent climbing the largest dune of the Warren Dunes State Park, which is beautiful and has a nice beach as well. Here we are after making the climb:

After that we headed to the Lake Michigan Wine Trail and toured the Tabor Hill, Round Barn and Domian Berrian wineries. The Tabor Hill had the best wine but I loved the Round Barn because it was so picturesque!

We also caught a New Buffalo sunset, which was beautiful!

My all-time favorite place that we ate at was our final eatery: the Pierre Anne Creperie. DELICIOUS!

We spent our final day on the beach soaking up some rays.

All in all, a great time and my second favorite vacation that Nate & I have ever taken together.


maura said...

Yay! The trip looks fabulous. You're totally selling me on a Great Lakes vacation. You look fabulous and I'm glad it did you some good.


Old MD Girl said...

You look so happy in your pictures! I'm glad your vacation was such a blast.