Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I can't wait for vacation!

While this won't be the Road Trip of the century that we took last fall, we are excited for our upcoming mini-road trip. Here is the plan:

Night 1: Chicago, IL to have dinner and stay with our friend BCM

Day 1/Night 2: Drive from CHI to Cleveland, OH. Possibly visit the nature center at shaker lakes, walk around some of the neighborhoods and hit up a restaurant from EH's list. Stay the night in downtown Cleveland.

Day 2: Venture over to the Rock & Roll hall of fame! I am sad that I won't be able to take pictures inside the hall of all the Bruce memorabilia. We booked one of the Rock Hall's packages to get the hotel room, tickets, parking all for one low price of $139!

Nights 3&4: After the Rock Hall, we will be heading to New Buffalo, MI to spend the next 2 days and 2 nights at this cute B&B.

Days 3 & 4: I anticipate lounging on the beach, eating good food and venturing to the Warren Dunes State Park.

Day 4/Night 5: Make the 3 hour trip back home. Sounds like the PERFECT getaway for me!

We have quite the upgrade in road trip amenities since last fall: we will be driving our Nissan Murano instead of the Grand Am (which was quite a decision, let me tell you!) and using our Garmin Nuvi GPS instead of the AAA Trip Tik (we did still get the AAA books for MI & OH though :) ).

Finally, a big shout out to EH (who hails from the Cleveland area) and AH on anniversary #3!! It seems that LEATHER is both the traditional & modern gift for #3...hmmm. That could be interesting! ha ha ha


Ali said...

Have a great time! I cannot wait see pictures. (Thanks for the anniversary wishes!)

chacha said...

Have fun - when you do leave?

Yeah, which car is a tough call - put a bunch of miles on the new one or just use the old one which is likely less comfortable, etc. I think you'll probably be better off with the Murano - more space!