Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hot Water, Running and Sewing...My Non-Sequitur for the Day

1) Our water heater was successfully installed by the same handyman we used to install our sink and faucet last summer. We are excited that it is more energy efficient than our old water heater, despite the fact that it is not of the tankless variety. Due to the fact that we needed it installed before we left on our vacation and that we don't have 3/4 of the tools necessary to complete the job, we didn't venture down the DIY path. However, One Project Closer has a how-to if any of you ever decide to.

2)Being that it is a Tuesday morning, I am wiped. I actually PAID for this speedwork series that occurs every Tuesday 5:50-7:10 AM. I believe today is the half way point, and I have only missed 1 of the 8 sessions so far. I am pretty proud of this because I want to hit snooze and keep sleeping every Tuesday when the alarm goes off at 5:30. Today was a difficult day - we did 1200s and it was a hot and humid morning. But I finished, and am alive to blog about it. 8 more sessions to go!

3) I started a new project last night on my sewing machine that requires the use of the zipper foot! It was my first go at installing zippers and thus far it has been great! I also might develop my first tutorial from this experience as I am FINALLY figuring out how to do things my own way and veer from instructions. Unfortunately, I will not be able to post about this project until after August 15.

Also, I REALLY want to make a fabric banner, but don't know what I would use it for. I just think they are so pretty and fun looking!

Photos from beachbungalow8 and young house love


BCK said...

Just hang it in your backyard for fun dining alfresco!

Old MD Girl said...

Wow, it only takes you 20 min to get out of bed and to the track? I am impressed. I need time to wake up! Tell me you at least have some coffee.

caroldes7 said...

a nursery? ;)

Fred @ OPC said...

Hey! Thanks for the mention. That water heater job was a lot of fun (and a lot of pictures!)