Monday, June 15, 2009

The Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend. Friday night we went out for sushi before catching The Hangover. I did not have the highest expectations for this movie, but must admit that I found it quite hilarious. Most of Saturday was spent being occupied with our third wedding of the summer. Fun times! As UW Alumni, we appreciate any chance to get a pic with Bucky Badger!

Sunday we had to get up early as I had my best friend's bridal shower in my hometown of Fond du Lac. She had a beautiful day for a shower...our first hot day of the year! We were able to enjoy most of the festivities outdoors. We rounded out the weekend with a shopping trip to Trader Joe's, dinner at Five Guys and an episode of Law & Order before I crashed.


Emily said...

I love your dress. Very classic, and it kind of looks like you coordinated your husband's tie to match. You guys look cute!

Emily said...

Okay, small world, I was just looking at my boss's Facebook pictures from the weekend. She was at this wedding too. She posed with Bucky, and they have the same purple chairs in the background. How funny.

caroldes7 said...

love the dress! glad J's shower was fun!!!