Monday, June 1, 2009

Inside, Outside and a Good Hair Day

Over the weekend, yard beautification continued. Many of our flowers have bloomed, including my favorites, the irises:

Each day I see a few more that have bloomed in this bunch.

We also bought some hanging baskets for the pergola. We first had to buy these giant S-hook things from Hawk's nursery for the baskets. Here are our baskets - they are some sort of trailing breed of geranium.

Some other blooms in our front yard:

I think the hanging baskets were a great addition - our house view from the street has improved:

In terms of the inside of the house, we also worked on that. We have been shopping around for new seating options for the living room for about 6 months now. We were considering a sectional type sofa. The problem we often run into with furniture is finding smaller scale items. I think furniture is not really designed with small cape cods in mind, but more for the open concept living room/dining room/kitchen floor plan. So shopping has been slow going. We found a potential sectional option over the weekend and went home to mull it over. Nate is much better and visualizing things in his mind than I am so we actually moved our current sofa and chair into a faux sectional arrangement in our living room to determine if it would work. Again, this is something we maybe should have considered doing a few months back because it absolutely eliminated the sectional as a possibility. Our living room is strange as it also needs to serve as a front hallway and passway to the upstairs so while the room is large, the usable space in it is not quite as large. We now have a new living room arrangement:

Another fun addition to this room is the side table you can see peeking out from behind the chair. This used to be in my father-in-law's store but was moved out and loaned to us! I love it.

I am growing more attached to my new short 'do. I think I finally have figured out how to style it in a way that I like. I also think it is more versatile than I originally thought as well. I have experimented with clips, headbands and curl creme and found a few options to mix it up with. Here is a recent pic that demonstrates a good hair day. Suave Nate has a date:

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