Thursday, June 11, 2009

I would walk 500 miles...

It's my 500th post!! To celebrate, I'm talking about FOOD! Nate & I love food, thus the following photo montage:

Lobsters at a roadside lobster boil in Kennebunkport, Maine

Nate even donned the plastic bib

Enjoying a lovely breakfast on a morning pontoon ride that Nate planned before my sister's graduation a few years ago:


Waiting to dig into a Kitchen Sink sundae at Beaches & Cream in Walt Disney World with the fam:

Preparing to suck down an oyster with Frank & the ATL crew:

Eagerly awaiting our Costa Rican fare on our honeymoon:

Posing with one of the many packages of cremas i ate in Costa Rica

Speaking of cookies, our friends B&LB accompanied us to a Brewers game last night (where one can't NOT have a Klements sausage with secret stadium sauce) and brough us some Late July Dark Chocolate sandwhich cookies. WOWSA. They do not look like anything special, but are very "intese and decadent". Apparently they sell them at Pick 'N Save here in WI. It also doesn't hurt that Late July is family owned and uses organic ingredients!

Although we like a wide variety of food and aren't too picky, we don't eat that much Indian food so we are going to attempt to incorporate some things into our menus. If you have any great Indian recipes, please share!

AND...we planted some vegetables...that are successfully growing!!! We started with tomatoes, zuchini, squash and some herbs. Keep your fingers crossed!

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caroldes7 said...

Wow! 500!!!

Love the picture memories!

I've been on an Indian kick lately, too. Inspired, I think, by Trader Joe's samples. I wouldn't bother with TJ's spinach something or other simmer sauce. Their frozen naan is good though!