Tuesday, June 30, 2009

9 months later...

Big News: We found and purchased new living room furniture last night! We have been wanting new furniture for a while, and shopping for it for about 6-9 months. Our current green furniture (pictured above), while extremely comfy, isn't the prettiest, nor the most practica: It seems that both Nate & I are layers when we watch TV. And having only one sofa isn't really conducive to both people laying down. The furniture also is getting worn in several places and starting to look saggy.

I may have mentioned at some point that we were researching sectionals for several months, and not really having any luck. Then we rearranged our current furniture to determine how one sectional that we found would fit in the room. Revelation: A sectional would likely not work in our living room. Our other limitation was that we did not want to have to paint or get new curtains, a rug, etc in the room.

Once we started shopping for a sofa and loveseat, there were many more options that we were interested in. We found a strong contender on Sunday afternoon and last night went to several other furniture stores to give it one last look and see if there were any other strong contenders. Lo and behold, we found a STRONGER contender and purchased it!

The bad news: It cannot be delivered until mid-August.
The good news: With the purchase of the sofa, we got the loveseat for FREE. Seriously. $1200 savings just like that. While I am going to let the final product be a surprise (mostly because i can't find it on the website!), I will tell you that it is made by Broyhill (in North Carolina) and it came from Colders. I was pretty impressed with the Broyhill line in that you have tons of options of fabrics to select from. Many places only offered a sofa in two or three colors in one texture. I like that you can not only select from a variety of patterns and colors but also textures!!! This was helpful because many previous sofas we found were either the exact color of our rug and wall (too light) or really dark brown and the exact color of our tables (too dark) or burgundy (no). Apparently someone did some sort of survey and found that many people buy khaki, espresso and burgundy couches. (Really, you would be amazed at how many sofas only come in those colors, which are fine, but not what we were looking for.)

Of course, we are square and fell in love with the exact sofa (the color! the pattern! the texture!) in the showroom, pillows and everything so we didn't even use those options! :)

Once the new stuff arrives, the green furniture will move to the library temporarily and then probably to the mancave (basement) once we fix it up a little (desperately need to remove the dropped ceiling and rank carpet that currently exist).

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