Thursday, May 28, 2009

You've come a long way baby!

Our downstairs bedrooms (aka the library and office) are often last on the home to-do list. The first 6-9 months we were in our house they basically were glorified storage rooms.

This is the library when we first moved in:

Thankfully we got rid of that nasty brown carpet and the shelves ASAP. Over time we added some curtains, shelves, chairs and a piano:

Then over the weekend, I was looking at rugs and found a new rug on super clearance for $25. I thought it was very library-ish and the library was transformed once more:

The furniture needs some work but it is gradually coming together.

The office is the smallest room in our house. It started out looking like this:

After ripping out the green carpet, painting the walls, making some cornices, we had this:

The problem with this bed is that it basically takes up the whole room. The computer and desk are behind the doorway and that is it. Also, the bed isn't used very often. We took the rug that was in the library (see above pictures) and moved it to this room and moved the bed so that it looked more like a daybed. The floor space is great for when I need to cut out fabric for projects (which I was doing on the living room floor).

The computer and desk are on the other side of the room and not able to be viewed.
Both of these rooms are very hard to photograph because of their angled doorways from the hallway.

So there you have it - what we accomplished with $25 over the weekend!

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caroldes7 said...

looks great! love the new pic at the top, too!